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In most cases, when we purchase our homes, our basements are far from finished and as such, need a bit of attention to detail.

There is a great deal more that we can do with them, and to them, than to leave them open as a wide space that wastes our living space and doesn’t make the most of the available room that would be better lived in.

Ideally your basement, when completed will be the family’s gathering place, a place to watch television, to do homework, to visit and discuss the days events and perhaps even to entertain or contain a home office.

Most basements are comprised of one or two rooms, which can be used in varying ways.

We might select to use one for a laundry room to prevent that from being upstairs in our primary living area, or to make an entertainment room, and house our large screen television there so that it does not dominate the living room of our home. It might also be a suite of rooms for a guest to spend time in.

My brother and wife recently renovated their own and I admit to being completely impressed with the amount of ingenuity they displayed in doing so.

The larger of the rooms houses an air hockey table, weight equipment, aquariums on one side, and was tiled with ceramic tile of a soft brown color, while at the other end is a seating area, with leather furniture, while the inner room, the smaller of the three room, houses the laundry with a door to close it off.

The third room is hidden using a remarkably in-genius hidden door that is built of a thick wood and on the outside it matches the bookshelves on the remainder of the wall, so that there does not appear to be any break in the wall or bookshelves.

The room behind it holds his home office and rack system for his computers, with a cooling system built into the walls that keeps the equipment well cooled. The home office is also a tornado shelter, the cabinets stocked well with bottled water and non perishable foods, as well as a battery operated radio, wireless Internet and voip.

Well thought out and well planned, the room has a variety of uses in any situation.

The typical basement isn’t finished, no, but with a bit of imagination and some decorating planning it can be nearly anything that you want it to be.


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