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Texturizing your wall will add a new life and new dimensions untold to the normal typical smooth wall.

Instead of being bland reflective surfaces, the texture will add a surface that will get your walls noticed by adding visual changes, and an earthy warm feeling to the room. We’ve all seen them, those expensive looking beautifully textured sandstone walls.

Having achieved one myself I was thrilled with the over all look and feel of it and recommend it for anyone.

Its easily accomplished, its remarkably washable, and it can hide a multitude of sins so far as imperfect wall repairs or wallboard that doesn’t match up perfectly which is a priceless bonus for those of us who aren’t exactly perfect at wall repair or possess an older home.

Todays textured walls don’t take hours and hours of scraping and joint compounding, but rather a simple technique that Behr Paint offers. The paint I chose was called Sandwash and it is remarkable in its simplicity and nothing short of elegant and amazing in its overall looks.

I selected Behr Sandwash in the color Cocklebur, with an undercoat, or a paint coat of a deep golden color, which was an amazing contrast in colors and textures.


The paint was easily applied, using just a few simple tricks such as a paint screen, dipping the roller frequently and rolling over in two directions to achieve a more smooth coating .

My daughter selected Venetian Plaster texture paint, also from Behr, to renovate her bath, with incredible results.

Here is what we did:

Tape off the top and bottom of the room with masking tape

tape over our window sills and woodwork to prevent having to cleanup spills.

wipe down walls to be certain that there are no loose paint flakes, no dust or grease that will prevent adherence of the paint.

Beginning at the top, paint the room in even sweeping strokes, making certain of a relatively even coat and permit to dry overnight.

Using Behr Sandwash, and a short napped roller, apply the paint in thin even coats

work in 3×3 sections at a time.

roll over in three directions to gain a really textured look.

step back frequently and check for even coating, however, it it natural that the coating will be slightly uneven and in fact this will enhance rather than to detract from the overall effect of the sand wash.

Sandwash dries to a nearly impervious to scratching, easily washed concrete hard type surface.

This paint is excellent to hide imperfections as well as to cover unusual type walls, as well as drywall or paint, it will adhere well to panelboard with only slight sanding and is in fact, after several months of use, almost indestructible and extremely elegant.


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