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A terrific last minute holiday gift of the perfect solution to your own need for a unique original shelf for a special room in the home, this one works up in no time flat, and will cost about ten dollars to build.

The time it takes will be about half hour, minus the painting time and it will be ready to roll in about two hours.

If you have a last minute gift need, or need to enhance a wall in your home, or shelve something special, try this one on for size.

You will need

8 pieces of one inch thick pine board. The largest one will be about 19 x 6.5, the second will be 18 x6, the third 17×5.5, the fourth 16 x 5 etc. Each piece will be one inch shorter and one half inch thinner in width. OR

1 pine board about 10 feet long and

circular saw or

jig saw

Delta Ceramcoat Paint


Hammer and finishing nails

Wood Glue

Two keyhole washers

`Cover one side of the second largest piece of wood with wood glue and press it to the largest one, then use four finishing nails, to nail the two together setting them in far enough to be covered by the next board you glue on.

Repeat this step, by adding the smaller ones to the one above and when you have finished, nail each board in place, taking care that you can’t see the nails when the next board is added.

Do not nail the last, smaller board in place

Let the shelf dry, usually this will take about an hour

Prime the wood with sealer or primer and paint as you desire.

Fit the back of your shelf with two keyhole washer about 15 inches apart and mount on screws in the wall.


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