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Circular saws are something that every DIY’er will need eventually. Woman or man, you will, if you are renovating or repairing your home, you will have need of a good circular saw to accomplish the task.

They are also in the gift giving category, making a good anniversary, birthday or Christmas gift for the do it yourself die hard.

A good saw will have the power to go through anything at all. It can tackle wet wood to hard as nails hardwood without dragging its feet.

In circular saws, when the motor slows down, the blade will necessarily heat up and that tends to make it become dull much faster and makes it dangerous when it tries to cut.

A dull saw will kick backwards toward the person using it and that can be a very dangerous situation.

Tom Silva, This Old House general contractor, says that evaluating any saws power based on the ratings of the motor will mislead you about the saw.

The amps in a saw only mean the amount of power that the motor will pull, not the amount that it sends to the blade itself.
The horsepower too, only means the rotation but not necessarily the rotation when it is at work

The end result is that the best way to appraise a good saw will most likely be the price.

You can certainly find circular saws that are well under a hundred dollars USD, but they won’t be nearly as powerful, nor will they be built to last.

A truly professional circular saw, one that will run quietly and cut through hard wood, will usually cost about 120-150 USD.

You should always, according to the experts, hold the say in your hand and check its balance and how well it will maneuver prior to buying it.

Top of the line saws, say the experts, will be working just as well as they did when you bought them, when you are ready to pass it along to your children.


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