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There is nothing quite so country as apples. The scent of a cinnamon laden apple pie brings back warm memories and this wreath, made of dehydrated apples, covered with cinnamon and hung in your kitchen will evoke those memories of grammas kitchen, while scenting your kitchen nicely with the heady cinnamon smell.

Just in time for the holidays this cinnamon apple wreath makes a lovely welcome sign.

To make the apple wreath you are going to need about 5 apples, which have been dehydrated. Opt for more to be sure that you have enough to complete the project.

Peel and core, cut into rings one-quarter inch thick. Peelings may be left on, however they tend to toughen during dehydration.

Lemon Juice:
Use one cup lemon juice to one quart water. Soak the fruit for ten minutes. Drain and dehydrate.

NOTE: After preheating, the apple slices may be sprinkled with cinnamon or flavored gelatin crystals.

Oven Drying
This is generally the fastest method. The temperature should be no higher than 140 degrees, leave the door ajar; place a fan so it blows across the opening and carries the moisture away.

Using bailer twine or raffia, string the apples through the core hole and tie up tightly at the top, where the apples touch you can touch each one with a drip of glue or hot glue to keep them tight together if you like.. The apples are not all going to dry flat, some will curl. This simply adds character to your wreath.

You may string the apples without gluing them however you might find that need to add some glue to keep the apples from moving or keep them tight and if so, use a hot glue gun to glue the apples to each other after you string them.

Add embellishments such as wooden hearts and a larger raffia bow at the top of the wreath.

Here is the finished project.


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