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The lamp covers you choose can make a room. Particularly if they match or coordinate well. They can also become a focal point in and of themselves if you let them.

One particularly nice means of making them special is to use a hole punch designed for use in scrapbooking to punch holes randomly, or make a design.

Some of the hole punches I’ve used on lampshades are dragonflies, beetles, flowers. celtic knots and etc.

What this does is to leave small pinprick sized holes for light, which glimmer through which remind us of small candles.

A second thing that works is to cut a model of your lampshade using parchment paper. This works particularly well if you do colored parchment or velum so that the light can shine though and paint some type of scenery on it, such as a farm scene, a landscape or other type acrylic painting and then glue it onto the shade, top and bottom edge. Stencils can be used if you’re not comfortable painting the shade freehand, and in many cases you can purchase stencils that will be part of a scene designed to do just this type of activity.
The lamp becomes a focal point when done in this fashion and in point of fact the room could be designed around the shade..


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