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This gorgeous swag would look superb on the mantel or draped on the fireplace, as well as on a sideboard or buffet. It’s made by you, from a rich mix of many varied materials, including being made from pine boughs. The bluish pine (spruce) that you use is used fresh, which will provide a lovely base for the dried florals and it will stay fresh for most of the winter time, imparting a soft fragrance as it becomes warmed by the room.

Over the Christmas holidays for a country Christmas decorating idea, you could add a few deep red or green ribbons, and some pine cones sprayed with gold or artificial snow.

To Make the Swag, you will need:

a piece of thick rope, or three thinner ropes, braided.


pruning shears

dried amaranthus

dried marjoram

dried oak or holly oak

fresh blue spruce or other pine (short needled will last the longest)

Florist wire

dried roses

dried lavender

dried kutchi fruit

glue gun and sticks

pine cones

green moss

dried fruits


If you use this on your mantel or with candles, remember to keep it well away from the open flames and position it carefully.

Cut the rope to the length that you want your swag to ed up.

Trim the amaranthus, holly oak and the pine and make a pile of each one.

Using florist wire, tie small bunches to the rope, alternating these three materials and checking your design frequently to make sure that you are using some of each type of materials, or ming.

Work in a zig zag pattern, leaving no spaces on bottom or top until the rope is covered with pines and florals.

Wire on roses and lavender, and center wire the kutchi fruit in small bunches.

Attach them to the swag to create a pleasing design that is balanced in its florals.

Glue on the fir cones and the dried oranges at varying intervals, and fill the small gaps which may appear with moss using the hot glue to adhere it to the swag.

Tie a large bow of raffia or a red ribbon and glue to the center of the swag.


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