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Want to turn the holidays on their ear? This craze in decorating is one way to start. Before you think the idea of hanging a tree upside down is crazy, you should know theres some history here dating to the Middle Ages.

There are two theories as to why people began this custom. One is that the upside-down tree had religious significance (a triangle ? the trinity), but it would seem that it can symbolize that upright too!

Another notion put forward is that it ties to folk traditions where the upside down triangle represented problems waning into nothingness, which is a pretty positive symbol for the end of the year.

Later in history the upside down tree provided merchandisers with a new way to show off ornaments and save space. The tree would be hung at eye level where annual pieces would show off easily, then any specials for the year (the hot toys etc.) would go underneath the tree on the open floor.

For people with tiny living spaces, the idea of having more room and plenty of holiday cheer grew more and more appealing.

Modernly people are using a hanging bracket fixed into a stud in the ceiling from which to hang their tree. In this location two armchairs can easily bookend the tree, or a table and chair, etc.

This also neatly keeps breakables away from pets and smaller children. Some people feel that displaying ornaments this way is actually nicer in that they?re more easily visible because of the way the foliage hangs out. Apparently, the benefits of this type of tree are driving sales upward, to the tune of some 30% more sales this year alone.

Obviously these trees are fake, making them a green option. It?s easily placed in areas where a right side up tree would not normally fit, and last but not least this is definitely one way to get conversations started at those awkward holiday parties.

So flip it!


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