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We’ve all got them don’t we? Those people on our lists who are so difficult to buy for that we can’t imagine what to purchase for them, whether the occasion is a birthday, Christmas or just a gift to say thank you.

Those are the people who require some real thought, and some real effort to find a unique gift to offer them.
Everyone has some of them on their list. Unique styles of people. The geek, who you just don’t know what to buy for, the gourmet, who is very specific and discriminating in his or her tastes, or the person who used and wants all natural, organic gifts that express their commitment to the environment.

Fortunately there are some innovative new products out there this year, just in time for the holiday, that allow us to get just that. Unique gifts for unique people.

Let’s get started on our walk through the Internet in search of something innovative and new in the gift giving category.

First up in our unique gifts is the perfect gift for a gourmet and a chocolate lover. It is a very rare person who doesn’t like chocolate, but chocolate, just doesn’t have many new products to offer us. Until now.

Bellagio Sipping Chocolate is the newest and best thing to come along since Mr Hershey made his factory.

Unlike anything else you’ve tasted, Bellagio Sipping Chocolate is a unique chocolate experience. Its made from natural ingredients, and offers a velvet-like texture and a dark rich taste that will immediately have you hooked for life. Adding just a bit to heated milk, it is the espresso of chocolate.

Ending up rather like a cross between hot cocoa and a melted chocolate bar, with a hint of vanilla you will sip it in the evening and wonder what you did to unwind before Bellagio came along. You can find Bellagio at one of our favorite sites, Kitchen Kapers.com along with many other unique and original gift giving ideas.

For the resident cook on your unique gifts list, who is also committed to promoting the arts or charity, we can find some suitable gifts on Cute Tools, interesting and very unique gifts which are functional and just what the name says: cute tools.

Beginning as part of a program that teaches business skills and work ethicsto kids, while helping to raise funds for their schools, as part of the Art for a Cause program, Cute Tools brings this line of eye-catching, hand-painted household tools and unique gifts kitchen utensils to your home.

Better still, a part of each cute tools sale is donated to Art for a Cause to help their work in schools to help them continue their work.
Each tool is a high quality metal hardware with dash handles.

The tools are then sanded, primed and painted by hand with copyrighted floral designs developed by the artist making them one of the unique gifts for unique people

The die hard computer user certainly qualifies as a unique part of your gift list. You all know the one. He or she codes, or works with computers on a daily basis, building web sites, copywriting etc, and half of their life is Internet based. they have a unique outlook and a very different sense of humor. Folks like these, on the cutting edge of technology, are folks who are not easily impressed, because every new thing that comes out is in their arsenal long before the rest of the world sees it, hears about it or wants it.

They are our difficult list and we want to offer a unique gift that they haven’t already acquired. Fortunately for us, we know about the premier site for buying unique gifts for geeks.

Think Geek has everything and anything that the geek boy or girl could want, and may not have. They offer fun toys for your desk or cubicle such as the Blunt Desktop Signs category, or incredible little computer toys to make your life more fun and more interesting. Where else can you find miniature functional seige engines, perfect for bombarding your neighbors desk with your waste paper, or the perfect tee shirt that can detect a WiFi when they enter its range and light up on concert with how strong the signal is. Think Geek is absolutely part of the unique gift giving experience.

Next Up, the ultimate Do It Yourselfer: the guy, or the girl, who can do it all… and does. What kind of gift can you give to the people who can make it, or build it, or do it all without any help from us?

Easy. Another tool, but a better one. The Zircon TriScanner® finds wood and metal studs through drywall or panelling up to 1-1/2″ thick. It also continuously detects hot unshielded electrical wires, and it has a metal-only setting to detect metal pipes up to 1-1/2″ deep in the wall. Or you might try something to warm them while they spend the time in the workshop, such as Black and Deckers One cup coffee brewer.

While you certainly can’t please everyone, there is something in this list to please the most discerning.

Unusual gifts abound on the Internet if you take the time to do a virtual walk among the interesting and unique gift sites that are out there.


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