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We’re all looking for the absolutely original to give for a Christmas gift aren’t we? Something we are sure that no one else is going to give them.That goes not just for Christmas giving, but for every occasion.

Strangely enough, nearly everything on this page is something no one is going to give them.

Some of them are also listed on the Green giving guide so you can keep your tree hugging friends happy too, although a few are not listed there.

Plant Keychains, a tiny plant growing inside a keychain is a unique idea and purportedly all the rage in Japan this season. While I’ve found it all over the net, finding a place to order and receive it in time for the holidays may be a challenge we did find one place to order from that might conceivably get it here for you by the 23 of December.

Pay a visit to Tree Hugger.com to find some of the keychain plants.

Coming to you from Red Envelope, another gift for the green thumber among you. These love bonsai trees begin at just 25.00 USD for the money tree, moving up to about 38 for the Juniper and a bit more for some of the others. Already small, already clipped and trained, all you need to add is water and a little bit of care to keep them growing in the right direction.

For the die hard do it yourselfer, Botany soap products features three unique herbal soap making kits in lavender, citrus and rose. They include all of the ingredients you will need to make your soap, including premeasuring them, and a great set of directions. Available to you from Botany Soaps.com and carrying a price tag of about 30 dollars USD.

For your techno savvy DIYer, OffGrid offers a solar house how to. It offers a means to begin your own solar house at a price tag of about 600 dollars though its a gift that might take a bit of saving for, however it does in fact pay for itself in short order.

Stocking stuffer type gifts for the green outdoor lover from Tarma designs, a combination pendant and bottle opener featuring a hiker..Really different with a price tag of about 20 USD.

For the serious coffee lover, this hand crankable coffee grinder that comes to you from RusTEkOnline, lets you grind your coffee without the use of electricity for saving energy, or for the times when the power goes down in the snow or ice storm.

From Stamps.com, and the Postal service comes this awesome little idea. You can use your own photo to create a stamp that is REAL postage. Now here’s a cool idea.. send out images of your little bundle to commemorate his birth, of your wedding to commemorate your anniversary or put your last years Christmas photo on your postage to send this years cards. Whatever photos you have can become real postage by paying a visit to Stamps.com.

What do your friends and family really adore most. My daughter in law just lives for Coke. ? She has an in kitchen coke machine, wears a coke watch and drinks it non stop. One thing she doesn’t have is Coca-Cola stock. OneShare.com makes that possible for her… they sell, you guessed it. ONE SHARE! Of stock in various companies. You get a fancy legal stock certificate to hang on your wall and the company’s annual report.

Granted its not going to make her wealthy but it is a great conversation piece. Check them all out. Disney, Harley-Davidson, Campbell Soup,and so on down the line at ONE SHARE.

How about a unique club membership that will send your gift recipient a different item each month. You can choose from chocolate clubs, coffee clubs, plant clubs or teas. Even hot sauce, teddy bears or steak will arrive monthly for a time period that you choose, up to a full year of monthly shipments. These are available to you from Amazing Clubs.com. Beginning at about 25.00 USD they are fun and interesting gifts. Check them out!!


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