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Use ordinary items in extraordinary ways to complements your holidays with these unique and inventive ways to decorate the home and tree, using items you might never have dreamed of using.

The ornaments here are made from scraps of fabric, artfully placed over cardboard or plastic, bits of dried flowers and herbs or roses, used in ways that will lend an air of romance and antiquity to your Christmas tree and to your home for the holidays.

Items you will need:

Scraps of ornate fabrics, metallics, golds, silvers and deep reds or greens, ribbon pieces or wire hangars, scraps of lace or trim for edging

babies breath, dried roses, herbs dried, on the stems, other dried items to suit your need.

Hot Glue gun or Aleene’s Tacky Glue

Using the pattern that is provided below,

cut one piece of cardboard to pattern for each ornament you want.

Run a bead of hot glue around the edges of the card stock and press the fabric scrap to the card stock to compltely cover.

Trim fabric away, leaving one half inch at the top, in order to tuck it inside and secure with glue to prevent raw edges.

Run a bead of glue down one side of the diagonal side of the ornament, pressing the other side to it to secure the two together forming a cone shape.

Run a bead of glue around the top of our cone, pressing lace trim, beads or other trim of your choice to the edge.

Hot glue a handle on the ornament about three inches long using ribbon scraps or push a small ornament hanger into the fabric and through it to hang.

Fill the ornament cone with statice, dried roses, herbs or other sweet scented flowers.

If you like, touch one drop of rose oil, or lavendar, or other essential oil of your choice to the florals to strengthen the scent.


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