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Too often Thanksgiving seems to be lost in the shuffle lately doesn’t it.

We see the stores skip from Halloween decorations and put up Christmas trees and the accoutrements while skipping past the holiday in the middle, which is the opening of the Christmas shopping seasons.

The U.S. is particularly bad for this, wanting, as the retailers seem to do, to precipitate the Christmas Shopping season and leave the Thanksgiving decor behind.

Thanksgiving began its life in the US as a way to express gratitude, to celebrate the harvest and show the world the appreciation we have for what we were given.

It has evolved to be the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, an autumn celebration and the sign that autumn is coming to an end.

Typical decorations for Thanksgiving will have to do with the harvest period, with autumn and the plenty that the harvest offers to us shown in our Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving celebrations also typically revolve around a huge meal, which will of course revolve around a table.

Your table decor will be the focus since the meal is the biggest part of the Thanksgiving celebration.

Setting up a lovely table for Thanksgiving doesn’t have to take a lot of time, nor does it need to be expensive.

Take advantage of the things that nature provides.

*On a side board or buffet, take some maple or oak leaves, dressed in their fall colors, and dip them quickly in paraffin wax to seal them, then lay them as a bottom layer for a flower such as fall offers. Mums are particularly bright and colorful.

*On your table, the same treatment might apply, however stretch it out, so that the leaves span about the middle one third of the table and top them with a candle in some earth tone colors such as deep reds, oranges or browns.

*Using deep red apples, sprinkle a few maple leaves in between and add some pine cones, placing them all in a clear or light colored glass bowl, weaving cordless miniature lights among the fall icons, so that they are lit up in a muted fashion from inside. Make this the centerpiece and flank it on both sides with a tall taper candle in a coordinating color.

Take a footed bowl and seat a tall pillar candle in the middle of it, and sprinkle around the outsides with leaves and very small pine cones.

Whatever your choice for Thanksgiving decorating, don’t skip the chance to decorate in fall fashion before we move into winter.


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