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We don’t necessarily have to give large gifts to be remembered for our thoughtful behavior. Some of the nicest things I’ve ever personally received are things that are smaller, and were well thought out to take into consideration what I liked or needed.

Cookie Dough Gifts.

A great way to say thank you to a host who has entertained you this holiday season is to wrap some home made cookie dough log fashion in parchment paper and tie it with festive ribbons. Make sure that you refrigerate it or freeze prior to giving it to your host or hostess.

Custom Bath Oils:

Old fashioned castor oil, available from any pharmacy, becomes one of the most luxurious gifts when you scent it. Pour it into a clean sterilized bottle and add an ounce of essential oil that is labeled for use in soaps or perfumes. Add your own computer generated, or hand drawn labels to make them a bit more unique.

Pie Kits:

Add all the ingredients for a favorite pie, and tuck them into a beautiful decorative pie pan, to give a pie with no baking involved. Write your directions on a lovely note card, and add all the essential tools, such as a small rolling pin, pre made crumble topping, some fresh apples piled prettily, and pie dough mix or your pre-made dough.

Wrap the whole thing in a piece of colored saran, drawn up to the top and tied with a metallic bow.

Indoor Gardening Kit:

In late fall purchase some of the always on sale smaller garden tools, and a decorative watering can. Tuck the tools into the water can or a lovely ceramic pot and add some seed items such as chives, dill or smaller flowers and a bag of potting mix or compost.

Dinner Kits:

Next time someone entertains you that you know to be a busy hostess, make them the gift of one less meal to be concerned about. Taking a shiny new galvanized pail, fill it with a crusty loaf of bread, some gourmet pasta and sauce and add a few after dinner mints to the mix, or the ingredients for an easy dessert. Toss in a few pretty fabric napkins, perhaps that you have embroidered with an easy design that will give them something extra to remember your thoughtfulness with.


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