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A log reindeer is unique holiday ornament for your lawn or garden, and this one looks so rustic that you can just imagine him as part of the forest.

Made of spare firewood or downed tree branches, hes easily made of scavenged things and therefor is not a great expense. You can make your reindeer any size you want. That’s the fun of creating your reindeer – no two of them will be alike.

Tools and Materials:

* Handsaw, bow saw, or pruning saw
* Drill with 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch bits
* Goggles
* Chisel
* Knife for whittling
* Carpenter’s wood glue
* Plastic berries or buttons for eyes

You will need some longer branches for the legs. These should be about the same diameter and as straight as you can find them and you will need to cut them the same length.

Cut your wood for the body, head and legs.

Cut the wood for your reindeer using the following lengths and dimensions as guidelines only. You can make these guys any size that you’d like to have them. The logs for the body and head can be cut with a regular handsaw, but a bow saw will make this easier.

Body: One 12-inch log with 6-inch diameter.
Head: One 4-inch log with 4-inch diameter.
Legs: Four 24-inch branches with 1-inch diameter.
Neck: One 10-inch branch with 2-inch diameter.
Antlers: Two 12-inch branches with 3/4-inch diameter.
Tail: One 8-inch branch with 1/4-inch diameter.

Chop away some of the bark from each side of his head to form cheeks.

For the neck, drill a 3/8-inch-diameter hole in the body log at an angle that is slightly forward

Then you’ll need to fit the neck branch into the head hole and perhaps take a bit of the bark and wood away to get a good tight fit..

It is better to drill a small hole in the log and cut the branch down to fit than to drill an over-sized hole and have a loose leg or neck.

Attach the Legs
Turn the body log over, making sure that the neck is facing straight down, and then drill the 3/8-inch leg holes. The holes should be located about 1 inch from each end of the log and several inches from the centerline. Angle the holes out a little bit.

Be sure to drill the four holes the same depth so all four of the reindeer’s legs touch the ground evenly. Stand him up and level him well.

Drill a 3/8-inch-diameter hole in the bottom of the head log an inch from the end of the log. The angle of the hole will determine the angle of the head.

Add some buttons, berries, a wreath around his neck or whatever you like to give him his own personality and character.

Take two small branches and drill holes in the top of the head log, and stick in the branches to make antlers.

These little reindeer are a blast to make and look just awesome in your yard.

Make three or four of them.



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