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Christmas is the best holiday to have a family reunion. With everyone busy with their Christmas shopping, you can volunteer to plan your family reunion and have fun doing it. I have planned almost all our reunions in the family, and I can tell you that I can do this now with much ease. How do I do it? Just follow the following steps and I am very sure that you will breeze through this family reunion.

Planning and enjoying the party:

    1. A tentative date and time for the Christmas Reunion party
    2. A venue where it will be held. Make sure that the venue will be accessible to all attendees.
    3. A list of all members of the family who will attend. List them by family so that you won’t have a hard time remembering each one of them.
    4. A list of possible menu for each family to choose from and bring to the reunion.
    5. A list of games or a variety show that kids can join.
    1. Disposable plates, cups, spoon and forks – using disposables are the most convenient especially for big families. This way you just throw them away after using instead of having to wash all of it. It is child-friendly too. No more crashing plates.
    2. Extra stools and foldable tables – make sure you have these extras to avoid family members standing around
    3. Kitchen utensils
    • Come up with:
    • Call the most senior member or the decision maker of each of the families to check if they are available on the date and time of the Christmas reunion and agree on that date.
    • If the date and time has been agreed upon, let them choose the food they want to bring from your menu list and give them the number of people attending to make sure that they bring the right amount of food.
    • Ask each family to bring at least 3 prizes each for the games or variety show. This will make the children and adults alike enjoy the party more.
    • If they would like, give them a list of all family members so that it can help them in their Christmas shopping. You will help them to remember everybody and not miss anyone in their list for gifts.
    • After doing steps 1 – 6, you now have to focus on the venue. Since this is potluck, there are usually two options for the venue – your own home, or another family member’s home. It would be more convenient if it will be held at your house because you will have the free hand to do anything and you can be more flexible with your space. Just make sure that you have the following:
    • Make sure to remind everybody about the reunion at least 2 days before the actual date.
    • On the day of the party, don’t be shy to ask help from the other adult members of the family. Delegate some of the work. You don’t have to do everything.
    • Enjoy the PARTY!


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