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Its easy to paint your own autumn tablecloth using these simple materials and our How To guide and pattern.
Its easy to paint your own autumn tablecloth using these simple materials and our How To guide and pattern.

Autumn is my favorite season and I love to toss in some of falls blazing colors in the decorating scheme.

Particularly at Halloween and Thanksgiving, it’s remarkable how well they fit in and how lovely they can look when dressed up with some fall decorations for a centerpiece.

One of my very favorite table covers was made using nothing more than Delta Fabric Paints or Delta Ceramcoat Paint, which has been mixed with fabric medium to render it washable.

You can easily duplicate my efforts if you like the looks of this piece, simply by using an iron on pencil to trace around the leaves and pressing the design onto a fabric tablecloth or luncheon cloth, or any other items you might choose to embellish. Those could include plain pot holders a tea cozy or even a shirt.

The design will look equally well on either a white, or darker background such as burgundy or brown as you can see by the coloration of it.

Materials You Will Need

  • Iron on Pencil Table Cloth to fit your table
  • Delta paints; light brown, pigskin, apricot, avocado, holly day red, gold, sunbright yellow
  • Liner brush, flat shader brush, pointed round brush

Instructions to Paint Your Fall Tablecloth

  1. Using the pattern provided, transfer it to the cloth by the use of parchment paper and the tracing pencil to your tablecloth or other fabric.
  2. If you prefer to use a larger pattern you will need to enlarge it using your copier or scanner, or print the pattern out at 150% of the original size.
  3. You will want to complete one leaf or design area at a time, working wet on wet to permit your shading and blending to work well.
  4. Use the brush that fits the area best that you are working on. Fill in the leaves first, shading lightly along the center lines and sides of the leaves.
  5. Using the liner, outline the leaf pattern. If you like, you may also add some shades of reddish brown or deep burgundies to the pattern such as appear in nature at this time of the year. Be limited only by your imagination.
  6. Note: It is important to wash your tablecloth first to remove any sizing from the clothign which will prevent the paint from penetrating the fabric, and to be sure that your brush has any excess water from rinsing removed as this will cause bleeding of the paint outside the design areas.

Below you will find the pattern as well as a photo of the finished piece to be used as a guide in color placement:


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