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The New Year celebration is one of the oldest celebrations in the world, older even than Christmas.

In every corner of the world, people have traditionally welcomed the new year, the focus being on family and friends, and new beginnings. Its a time to study past mistakes and plot a future course. The United States celebrates its New Years Day on January first, but many cultures and traditions do not, nor is it commonplace in history that January was the New Year.

Celtics in ancient Briton celebrated their own New Year in late October, while China, which uses a lunar calendar, as does Israel, so their own New Year is also not January first. The calendar they use is based upon the moons movement, while others celebrate  in the springtime, when the crops begin to come in, or in harvest time, in late autumn.

There are multiple ways to celebrate the new year.. Many people have a tradition of making wishes, while others offer one gift, as a special way to celebrate the new year with prosperity.

Some people celebrate by making resolutions.. those things they will try to accomplish in the new year.

Certain foods are used to offer longevity, or prosperity, among them, from different cultures, salted fish, pork, cabbage, and many more.

In the US, the tradition is to raise a glass at midnight, and toast friends and family, while nibbling on finger food, delicacies and interesting new things.

Water chestnuts wrapped in bacon, cheese and crackers, wine and other festive drinks are common as are hats, noisemakers and balloons.

The stroke of twelve sees the room erupt into kisses and toasts as well as noise and confetti, fireworks outdoors and strains of auld lang syne playing on nearly every radio.

Whatever you do to celebrate, please do it safely.

Happy Holidays from How Did I Do It.


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