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January is coming faster then we realize and here are some ideas to keep from being overwhelmed in the rush to make changes in your life. The pace of everyday life is changing and everyone is trying to make the time count. These ideas will help you to find some time in your day to do simple things that make a difference and give you more time to spend with your family.

Spend fifteen minutes writing a list of what you need to accomplish for the week, break it down by day. Ask your family to help- it is not fair if there are one or two people who do all the chores all the time. Put this list in a place where everyone can see it- the refrigerator is a good place.

Gather together a few small items to use as rewards and use them to award to those who accomplish the tasks they are assigned or volunteer for. Be flexible, it will take time to get organized and keep going so be prepared for it.

When ever you go from one room to another pick up something that needs to be put away in the room you are headed to. You can accomplish a lot in a short period of time! The hardest part is the fight with the television – I usually don’t watch it because it cuts into a lot of my time when I could be accomplishing other things for my family.

If you do have it on, keep a simple chore nearby. For example, you could choose to write letters then or weed through your backlog of emails during commercials. It does not take very long to fold laundry or pick up a few things in the living room while a commercial is on.

A fun idea is to make it a game to pick up or put away as much as you can while a commercial is on. Those thirty seconds can be used and save time later for more important things in your life. Most importantly, don’t give up making time for yourself!


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