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Trick or Treat! The very words spin childrens minds off to fun Halloween Parties and give them visions of being their favorite star or fairy tale hero.

Halloween is a time of fun and fantasy where every child ( and sometimes adults) can be exactly what they want to be.

Sadly, the costumes arent all that can be spooky about Halloween

We all want our children to enjoy their time out with friends or at parties, and we all want to see them come home safely.

Why not plan and work for that safety prior to the actual day, so that the parties we throw and the costumes we buy or rent help to assure our childrens safety rather than put it at risk.

I was in love with the a fairy princess costume when I was a little girl. Beautiful gathered skirt which fell in folds to my feet, and slippers made of some shiny plastic that was glitter covered and had heels. I wanted that costume, and I was simply horrified to find that it was going to be denied to me by an over protective parent.

Somewhat spoiled I sobbed and ranted and demanded, all to no avail.

The woman I dubbed that weekend as JUST MEAN could possibly have saved my life with her unpopular decision.

Not long ago I saw that costume, or a modernized version of it and was even more horrified.

The handkerchief hem was much too long to be worn safely by a child on the street, or anywhere else that children will play as they always will when in the company of another child.

The slippers I had seen to be so lovely had little or no means to assure that the bottoms were not slippery and on a chilly evening with a bit of moisture on the walkways, they would have oh so easily impelled me to the ground on the concrete.

The Perfect Halloween Costume:

Isnt the one with the glass slippers and the mask that looks like it might have been worn by your best friend at Mardi Gras.

It isnt necessarily the most popular or the best decorated. In a mothers mind the perfect costume is the one that will keep your child the safest.

My own choice for a costume is the one that doesnt impede walking or vision.

Its the one that doesnt have a huge hood which can fall over an infants face when he is placed in his car seat.

In trick-or-treat and Halloween Costume safety. Include some popular costumes like star wars Spiderman and Pirates of the Caribbean and make reference to them in the store at the bottom after the safety info. Trick or treat is about laughter and fun and having a good time with friends.

Falling and needing treatment, burns and scrapes are not fun.

With that in mind, lets take a hard look at safety hazards that can happen during this most fun filled season, with a view to heading them off at the pass.

In Costuming

*Be certain that a hooded infant costume has the hood withdrawn before your invfant is placed in his or her car seat.

*Childrens costumes should be those which dont interfere with their walking. Length should be adjusted if need be so that they are able to move freely with no danger of falling.

*Masks: I personally prefer face paint, but if a mask is the way you want to go, then be certain that the eye holes are of sufficient size to allow for free range of vision, both frontal and peripheral vision.

*Face paints. Buy those which state uncategorically that they are not made of petroleum products and are non toxic.

*Purchase materials for childrens costumes that are flame retardant and instruct them always to steer clear of the candles that are invariably part of the Jack O Lantern.

Overall Safety

*Be certain that you know the area where you take your children door to door.

*NEVER let a child trick or treat alone. Make sure a parent or an adult sibling is with them.

*Always carry a cell phone with you when out trick or treating to be prepared for any circumstance.

*Tools which are used to carve the pumpkins should be age appropriate. Some which are highly recommended are plastic or unsharpened metal on the edge toward the child.

They can be purchased at nearly any good store, or any online facility. Halloween should be a time of fun and adventure. Make certain that for your child, it is.


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