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Country folk art is all the rage this Christmas season and they are easily accomplished using scraps of material and batting that you may have left over from quilting or stitching this summer.

Small wooden or color buttons and a rustic wire hanger to hold the ornament on your tree complete the look.

Materials you will need

  • Thin wire
  • Plaid or checked fabric remnants and scraps
  • Various colors perl cotton
  • Sewing thread
  • Needles
  • Buttons and trims of your choice
  • Jingle bells, small sized
  • Felt sheets in deep red, green, black and colors you like.

Quilt batting scraps

Cut out patterns of heart, stocking and mitten, using either template included or freehand drawing, cutting each pattern from a layer of felt, batting and country type fabric.

layer the three pieces together and stitch using a blanket stitch or couching stitch, to put them together for the simple stuffed ornament.

Coil wire around a pencil or crochet hook to get the springlike look, and push one end of wire through the right side of the ornament, bending it upward to hold, while the other end is poked through the left side and bent upward in the same way.

To make a stocking that will hold a small candy cane for the tree, leave top aspect of the stocking open by stitching the batting and topping layers together, and then stitching this piece to the felt backing.

Add buttons or trims as you desire to achieve the folk art, country style look.

Attach wire hangar in the same way that you did to the mitten.


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