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You don’t see a lot of patterns for Christmas tree skirts anymore, particularly ones which are sewn by hand . I think that making your own skirt for your Christmas tree, with so many out there for sale, has become more of an old fashioned type undertaking.

Thats sad really.

The fact is that convenience perhaps dictates to many of us that we should purchase our stockings and christmas tree skirts, but will your purchased twenty dollar tree skirt come with the memories of the creation of it,and will it become a family heirloom because it was hand created?

Chances are it probably won’t.

Making your own anything, means that it uniquely your own, in design and in style. Christmas is a special time and your christmas tree skirt should be equally special, so that when it comes time to pass along your hand made Christmas tree skirt or stocking to a niece or granddaughter, it will be something that will give her wonderful memories of when it lay under your Christmas tree while she visited there.

Materials Needed.

Off white Brussels Lace.

2 yards cream satin

2 yards burgundy satin or velvet

matching thread

Batterburg lace

Velcro fastening tape (3, inch long pieces


Cut your pattern according to the pattern here.

Place the velvet and satin, right sides together and sew around the outer circle

leaving a half inch seam allowance

sew the inside circle.

clip the circular edges about every two inches, so that the skirt will lie flat
Turn the tree skirt right side out (it will look like a curved tube now.

Turn the edges of the side openings under (toward the inside)

Iron them in place, laying a dish towel over the fabric as you do so.

Stitch up one side of the side opening, placing a piece of velcro at the top, bottom and center.

Stitch up the other side opening, placing the velcro backing in synch with the pieces on the other side.

Either gather, or pleat your battenburg lace, and stitch to the bottom edge, or raise it up an inch and sew to the lower part of the skirt itself.


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