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These are adorable and make wonderful party favors for the Christmas season, or could be used as place cards for seating guests for a Christmas dinner.

They would also work well for Valentine day party favors, or just about any other holiday, if the colors were changed to reflect the season.


5″ square of unbleached muslin
Tootsie roll pop
10″ piece of narrow ribbon about a quarter inch wide, in red or green
ten inch long piece of twisted paper, white, for the wings
Small amount of doll hair, or four or five pieces of three ply yarn, separated.
3 1/2 inches of narrow, flat, gold braid for the halo
small bell or piece or artificial holly and berries
tacky glue (or glue gun)
Permanent marker
3 inch piece of red or green ribbon,
Small oval of paper with a hole punched in one end of the oval.

  • Put the round end of the lollipop onto the center of the fabric and fold the edges under tucking them in place. Hold them down and tie tightly with the thing piece of ribbon.
  • Select the best side for the front, or face.
  • Tie the bow on the front side.
  • Take the small permanent marker and dot two eyes onto the features, and two smaller dots below it for the nose.
  • To make the hair, cut a small bit of the yarn, dot glue onto the head and then push it into the glue, one or two strands at a time.
  • When the glue is set, add enough strands more so that it is pleasantly covered and trim with the scissors.
  • Cut about 3 inches of the flat braid and overlap the ends of it, glue the two ends together and them glue JUST the single area where the ends overlap to the back of the head, so that the halo will stand up over the head.
  • Cut ten inches of twisted paper, available from any craft supply store, and mist it lightly. Seal it in a plastic bag for about ten minutes. Untwist the paper and make a strip about ten inches long by 2 inches wide.
  • Tie into a bow and hot glue to the back of the lollipop angel.
  • Glue the small extra trims such as pine or holly and berries to the center of the bow that holds the neck in place.
  • Loop the small piece of ribbon through the oval paper slip and tie it loosely around the angels neck.. Place the name of the gift recipient on the oval, using the marker

Tape to the package using the stick to tape to, OR, tie a small loop of ribbon and attach it to the upper back of the angels head.

These are adorable to use as Christmas decorations on the tree, and you can also make a bouquet of them and allow each child to select one from the tree as you have visitors during the holiday season,.


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