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This centerpiece is absolutely beautiful in that it is made of ice. With ice sculpture being all the rage, this will be a superb Christmas center piece, or if you use other types of greenery or flowers, the centerpiece could be used for any type of get together.
It is unique enough to invite comment and compliment as a reward for your very minimal labor.

What You Will Need

Tall red or green taper candles, or thinner pillar candles
3 square plastic freezer containers, about 2 or 3 cup size
Fresh miniature roses, primarily red
greenery such as pine, or ferns will work best
Plastic or metal tray.
Extra pine boughs or ferns or eucalyptus leaves.

Scissors or small pruners to trim the roses and greenery.

Your Directions.

1.Pour the water into the square containers, filling each one just about half full

2. Remove the roses from their stems and put them into the water, making sure that the blooms face toward the outer part of the plastic containers, and then fill in the center with greenery, drawing some of it toward the outside so that it COMPLIMENTS, but does not hide the red roses.

3. Using the greenery to hold them, place the candles upright in the container.
(if you run into issues with this part of it, a simple trick that will help is to take a small bit of clay such as sculpy (white in color) and stick it in the bottom of the container, pushing the candle down into it.
Pack the greens in tightly around it to hide the clay, or to hold the candles straight.

4. Add water as needed to cover the tops of all the flowers and greens.

5. Freeze for about an hour and check to assure that the candles are perfectly upright before it is completely solid

6. Freeze til solid.

7. Remove from the freezer and leave it sit for about three minutes. The ice sculpture will pop out of the plastic easily.

8. Place on a bed of greenery on a plastic or glass platter.

(even in this type candle holder, candles can still be a hazard. Never burn them unattended)


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