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To make these lovely and elegant ice sculpture bowls takes very little time and not a lot of know how. You don’t need chisels of any of the other tools that ice sculpture normally takes.

You will need simply two stainless steel bowls, one that will fit inside the other, and leave you about an inch of space in between.

On the bottom of the larger bowl, scatter herbs, or citrus slices, sliced strawberries for a bit of color and then place the smaller bowl inside the larger one.

Tape the two bowls tops together so that they are held flush at the top.

Pour water between the two bowls up to about half inch from the top of the bowls.

Drop in a few more herbs or edible flowers and arrange them down between the bowls with a skewer.

Freeze them overnight.

To unmold them, let the bowls stand about ten minutes on a dish towel.. DO NOT run under water.

untape the bowls.. remove the top bowl and lift the mold out of the second bowl..

Return to freezer and freeze til ready to use..

Fill them with fruits, cheeses, ice cream or sorbet, or in the herbal bowls, shrimp or cold meat is a good choice.


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