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If you have young children in your family, the Easter egg hunt is probably one of the key highlights of your holiday festivities.

But putting on a successful egg hunt is a little more difficult than it works.

You need to make sure that the younger children get some eggs too, that everyone has their fair share, that the party can go on regardless of the weather, and so on.

Careful planning of your egg hunt can insure a happy Easter for everyone.

Follow these simple steps to make yours a success.

  1. First, send out invitations. Handmade invites made out of construction paper are a good choice, or you can put together a cute email to get the word out. You’ll need to decide how many invitations to send. Generally, you want to plan for ten-to-twelve eggs per child.
  2. Purchase and fill some plastic eggs. Don’t just limit yourself to candy; you can also use small toys purchased from the dollar store, stickers, beads, stamps, and coins. If you have younger children participating in your egg hunt, consider setting aside one color of plastic egg for them and fill it with items that are safe for that age. Avoid coins and other treats that will present a choking hazard.
  3. Decorate the area. If you’re conducting your egg hunt outside, consider marking off the area with colorful streamers to make sure that kids don’t go astray. You’ll want enough seating for the adults where they can watch and take photos. If your area is particularly large, you might also consider stationing chairs around the perimeter and asking some of the adult guests to sit there and supervise.
  4. If you chose not to color code the eggs and you’ve got a large enough space, consider marking off an area for the younger children close to the adult seating area. “Hide” the Easter eggs out in plain sight or behind objects to make them easier to find. The other option is to give the younger children a head start to make sure that they get their fair share.
  5. Give the children bags or baskets to hold their eggs. Provide Easter bunny stickers or markers so that they can decorate their bags. At the least, mark each one with the child’s name so that there aren’t any problems.
  6. You can limit the number of eggs that each child can collect, or allow them to go all out. If you don’t set limits, make sure that the children are similar in age or make accommodations for your younger children to make sure that they get their fair share of Easter eggs. And make sure you have plenty of eggs.


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