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Finding ways to keep the kids occupied during the Yuletide season can be a challenging task for any adult, since children are usually finicky, and they tend to run around poking their noses at anything which appeals to their fancy. This can be a perfect opportunity for you, the adult, to involve them in activities which keep them at bay, while at the same time bringing out the creative juices which they eagerly want to release. Try doing these suggested decorations with the kids, and you can relax from the persistent thoughts of crayons on the wall, at least for now.

For starters you can try to lure them into making reindeer figures out of clothes pegs, complete with beady eyes and antlers. First take two pegs and with snaps pointed upwards, and fasten the ends of a slender piece of wood between the snaps, and across them both of them. This will serve as the body and the legs of the figure. Leave one end of the wood slightly protruding and fasten another peg on it with the snap pointed down; this serves as the head. Finish up the figurine with nontoxic paint, felt for antlers, and beads for eyes in order to achieve a more realistic look.

paper chain
paper chain
Making colorful paper chains is also a great diversion for the kids, and it also lets you participate in sentimental nostalgia without being to obvious. You will need lots and lots of various colored paper, preferably crepe paper as the material blends in with the theme of the season. If you prefer a much cheaper alternative, bring out all those old wrapping paper stripped of from previous gifts, but never quite reused. Cut the paper into strips lengthy enough so that you make a generous loop once you glue them at the ends. Then after looping and gluing the first strip, slip another strip into the loop and glue this one in turn. You can make this chain as long as possible; make sure you vary the colors and design between rings for best the effect. Wind the chain around the Christmas tree and watch the kids, brimming with inordinate pride at their handiwork.

paper lantern
paper lantern
If you want an advanced task for the kids, try engaging them in making paper lanterns. For this project you will need a sheet of colored paper of considerable size. Make sure that it is rectangular, and is longer than it is wide. First, fold the paper crosswise and make slits on the side starting from the folded end towards the open side, across the paper width. The slits should not reach the open end or you cut all the way through it. Then open the folds and roll the paper and glue the ends until you have a cylinder with slits around it. Try pushing on the ends, and you end up with something which will remind you of an accordion. Try fastening some strips of paper on the inside of the cylinder so that the figure holds. The end result – a paper lantern with an oriental-inspired design.


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