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On one hand, it’s nice to have a large family and plenty of friends, but on the other hand, when you know a lot of people it seems like there’s always a birthday around the corner.

Buying birthday cards and gifts can get expensive, and in a tight knit group it’s never a good idea to buy a birthday gift for one person and not for another.

The one who got passed over might feel very offended. But there are still ways to keep costs in line.

Consider these tips to make for a happy birthday for everyone, including you!

Consider Your Gift Making Skills

Are you artistic? Do you draw, paint, woodwork, or knit? If you’ve got skills, put them to work. Put together a stash of colored pencil sketches mounted on inexpensive mats; buy some small canvases in bulk and paint some pictures, or knit a stash of scarves and hats.

Even if you don’t have any artistic talents, you hopefully still know how to glue, paint simple objects, and tie bows, so you’ve still got birthday gift possibilities.

Bake cookies or breads and wrap them in a kitchen towel tied off with a pretty ribbon. Paint an unfinished wood frame or glue beads on to decorate it and slide in a picture of you with the birthday girl or boy.

Buy Gift Items in Bulk

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to do something artistic, consider buying multiple gifts at once to save money, and then give them away gradually.

Watch for sales that require you to buy more than one item at a significant savings or join a savings club to get cheaper prices on larger purchases. Maybe you don’t need three t-shirts or DVDs, but you could get one for yourself and then put the two extras into your stash of birthday presents. Just make sure to keep track of who gets the multiple items to avoid the embarrassment of giving someone the same gift twice.

Keep a Stash of Gifts

By keeping a stash of small birthday gifts in the house, you avoid the horrible feeling of having missed someone’s birthday. Buy little things throughout the year and put them in your stash.

Good items to include in your stash are candles, lotions, little toys, books, and picture frames. Also pick up a few small plastic or wicker baskets or small laundry baskets to use as containers.

When a birthday hits, all you need to do is toss a few items in with a birthday card, so make sure to keep a stash of cards in there too.


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