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Yes, you can simply break out the food coloring or purchase an Easter egg dyeing kit, but that’s not half as much fun as breaking out of the mold and trying something different.

Consider these fun Easter egg decorating ideas for your family.

First, you’ll have to boil the eggs, or if you’d like to keep them out in the open, consider blowing the yolk out.

All you need to do is poke two holes in the egg with a sharp toothpick or straightened out paperclip.

Either blow out the yolk with your mouth (make sure not to eat any!) or use a bulb syringe to blow it out.

Note that if you’re going to use boiled eggs, you’ll have to make sure that your paints or dyes are safe to eat.

Some other fun Easter egg Ideas:

  • Make a basket of carrots for the Easter bunny. Dye your eggs orange and glue tufts of green tissue paper to the top. You can even arrange them in a basket and use it as an Easter centerpiece.
  • Stick to the basic Easter egg dyeing kit, but use some common household items to design them. Try putting a teaspoon of vegetable oil in the dye to create random swirls and spots. Or wrap your eggs with rubber bands or tape to create stripes.
  • Decoupage your eggs. Cut out Easter-themed pictures from magazines or catalogues and soak them in an equal mixture of white school glue and water. Smooth the picture onto the egg, making sure to seal the edges. (If this gets too messy, you can also paint the egg with the glue/water mix, apply the picture, and then paint over it.) You can cover the entire egg with images, or you can stick with one picture and paint or dye the rest.
  • Use crayons on warm boiled eggs. Crayons don’t work quite so well on cooled eggs, but the heat will melt the wax and make the color more intense.
  • Hand paint your eggs with a brush and acrylic paint, or use sponge bits to create stubbled textures. You can also explore using household objects to apply acrylic. For example, aluminum foil and string can both be used to apply paint and create unique designs.
  • Make thumbprint eggs. Use acrylic paint to put little thumbprints on your eggs. You can use this technique to create a random polka dot design or you can try making a single print into a picture. Try one vertical thumbprint, and add a pair of bunny ears with a fine point Sharpie.
  • Use stickers. You can apply Easter stickers onto the eggs and leave them there, or try using stickers with simple shapes. Apply them to the egg before you dye it, or in between colors. Once the egg is dried, remove the stickers to reveal an attractive pattern or the outline of an Easter bunny.



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