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Holiday decorating outside is a great deal of fun and seeing who can put up the most lights is definitely what we do in our neighborhood.

Some of the neighbors do in fact rival the Griswolds Christmas when it comes to light count and brighteness and holiday music streaming from their home. How do they do that? WHY do they do that.

The holiday spirit is everywhere these days and people are starting earlier and earlier to express their own creativity with regard to holiday ornamentation.

You can do pretty much anything. Classic, understated or full out gaudy and it all will have someone who adores it and will drive past again and again to see what you’ve done.

Like anything else its three parts actually. Creativity and imagination, sweat to put them up and around and handing out the cash to purchase what you want for the lawn or garden.

However, not all of it has to cost the earth and in fact some of the best decorations I’ve seen have cost next to nothing, from a single large wreath on the side of your home with a light on it to highlight it, to a a reindeer or deer outline, cut from plywood and painted basic black, with a simple holly or ground pine wreath around its neck and single spotlite on it.

A few simple common sense rules apply to your decorating and a few tips from seasoned decorators.

Do your major work earlier on in November, so that the rain, snow and ice haven’t settle in prior to your needing to climb out on the roof, or climb the ladder to secure lights to your eaves.

Don’t attach your lights to the downspouting, but instead to the eaves using light holders if possible.

Some creative ideas I have seen? The large inflatable snow globes are very pretty and very entertaining, as are the animated reindeer done all in white lights, that nod their heads in your yard.

A single strand of miniature lights can, when attached in five separate places, become a star shining from your rooftop, while a piece of plywood, covered in aluminum foil and then with an outline of blue mini lights, becomes a remarkable single decorartion for the side of your house that really needs nothing else.

One home I passed last year had a single green wreath with one small red bow, one of them hung in each window on the outside with a lovely red bow secured to the deep blue door of an all brick home. It was extremely simple, very inexpensive but elegant and striking and I don’t remember seeing another home that I admired more all season.

Holiday decoration, particularly in the United states have become a HUGE business, with many communities or towns furnishing cash awards or incentives to the homes that are voted as best decorated.

Homes are bedecked with Santa Claus and his reindeer, with giant renditions of rudolph or santa and myriad lights surrounding them. Each is a remarkable work of art and takes many weeks to accomplish prior to turning them on for the first time. Traditionally we decorate for a couple weeks in November and Thanksgiving, for most of us, is the first lighting of our holiday decorations.

Some simple ideas for you to try as you decorate:

Wrap the top row of your fencing in the green garland that emulates the pine boughs, and add a single bow at each fence post, or if you are feeling more festive, wrap the garland in miniature lights, and add a few red bows or apples here and there before you drape it easily from post to post on your fencing, or from the eaves of your home.

Using the icicle lighting that drips down, secure a row of these in each of your front facing windows, adding a single ornmanet hanging from the center of the window from a ribbon.

Secure three ornaments to red ribbon, such as satin bulbs, icicle ornaments or folk art ornaments made from cinnamon and make them two short and one longer. Secure the longer one in the center and the others even on each side.

For those who like simple and understated, a single bulb candelabra in each window of your house is both elegant and inexpensive.


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