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Every year hospitals treat some 9000 people for holiday injuries, particularly during the Christmas season.

Whether it’s not safely cutting a tree or loosing their balance when installing lights, the holiday season can be hazardous. To avoid all that, let’s look at some safety tips to take us into the New Year on a positive note.

1. Tree: live Christmas trees should be very fresh and kept away from fire places or heaters. Keep your tree well watered. Artificial trees should be made from flame-resistant materials.
2. Decorations: Always look for fire resistant items when you select Christmas Decorations. Keep breakable items in safe places to avoid cuts should the fall and shatter.
3. If using decorative Christmas candles, keep these away from curtains, the tree, and areas where pets or children might tip them over.
4. Lights: modern lights are tested for safety, however you need to check over your strings of Christmas lights every year. If you have broken or bare lines, get rid of those lights and replace them. Remember not to overwhelm extension cords or electrical outlets with too much load. When using your Christmas lights outside, make sure they’re certified as safe for that environment and plugged into a grounded circuit with a built in breaker.
5. Fireplace: have this checked and cleaned if necessary annually. Be careful not to burn wrapping paper or soft woods herein. Soft wood builds up deposits that aren’t healthy and wrapping paper may have chemicals that could spark into a larger fire than the space can handle. Be careful not to hang anything on or near the fireplace that could catch or be damaged by heat.
6. Food: There’s no question that the holidays are focused on good food. Make sure you’re carefully cooking all items according to healthy guidelines, thawing frozen items in the refrigerator or under running water, and likewise storing cooked items carefully back in the refrigerator as soon as possible after dinner.
7. Visitors: If you live where it snows or where there’s rain at this time of year make sure you have safe walkways and a place for wet items in your entryway. Water on wooden floors can be slippery as well as damaging.

Many of these tips sound like common sense, but in the rushing and hurrying its easy to overlook things you’d otherwise notice. So while you’re preparing this year, use the above list to help and have a safe, happy holiday season.


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