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Looking for a unique and homemade gift for someone special in your life? Anything personalized is a real treat for someone who receives it. A Canister Set made of wood is a useful gift that anyone can make personal by engraving it with a wood burner.. Like wise a sign bidding guests welcome with the home owners name on it. You can engrave these for Christmas, a bridal shower, wedding present, birthday gift or even as a Mother’s Day gift.

Essentially wood burning or wood engraving is simply using a heated tool to add some personalization, a picture or a logo to a piece of wood, which makes it truly unique. What I have done is to purchase some already sanded and planed wood pieces which had routered edging that was stylish and very unique in appearance.

One of the places where I have purchased wood to use to make signs, is Walmart, while another is Rockler which offers not only wood pieces but also the tools that you need to accomplish the wood or leather burning.

I did a book cover last year for a friend, painting on the leather and then burning around it with a wood burner to bring out the design. It was very well received and she has asked for one for gift giving this year.

They don’t take long to accomplish, but are detailed work, however not difficult to do and not difficult to learn. The design is generally one that you place on so no drawing is necessary , for those of you who tell me you can’t draw, while wood or leather burning is very much like tracing over the design with a pencil, albeit a hot one.

You should buy good quality wooden products that you think are appropriate. From Crafting Site comes this idea for a wooden cannister set that is perfectly beautiful and would make a wonderful gift.

You can purchase a wooden Canister Set for about $40 at Bed Bath and Beyond and they are perfect for this craft project. Most of the wood burning will be completed on the front and sides of the canisters.

To make any wood burned set there are a few tools you will need

The item you chose to burn, in this case a wooden cannister however, it might also be a sign, a book cover or a flower press.

White computer paper

Pencil or pen

Sheet of Graphite

Letters or Image

Wood burning tool tips

Stencil (optional)

Determine what design or words you want to engrave with your wood burning tool once you have purchased the item and know the size and specifications. You will probably want to begin with smaller designs or patterns and not a complex project.

Now, you can do anything from simple words to a more difficult image, however the most important aspect of the design is transferring it to your item. In most cases it will be easier to begin with a sign, or a flat project until you get the hang of the transfer.

Lay your wooden piece out on a sheet of white paper.

Whatever image or words you chose to engrave you can use a sheet of graphite to transfer the design to your canisters . Simply lay the sheet of graphite down first, and then lay out your image, words, or whatever on top. Now, use a pen or a stylus to trace all the needed lines, being careful to press down hard enough to transfer the edges, and details.

If you are going to paint the design, I recommend a stain like paint, one which will leave the markings open for your burning, such as a transparent type paint. This will leave you the markings that you need to accomplish the picture.

Various methods of shading and sideways movement to accomplish the image shadings and thickner and thinner lines are used, which will take a bit of practice to accomplish. I would recommend that you practice on a piece of scrap wood prior to beginning the project if this is your first project.


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