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Card Stock is not overly expensive, making your own cards is fun.

In the old days, we sent greetings to those we didn’t get a chance to see often, and to be honest, not many people do this anymore, but instead, they choose to send their greetings over the phone or the internet when they send them.. A few die hards do send out a couple dozen cards each year, and particularly now, is the perfec time to send them to assure that they arrive well before the holidays.

Christmas cards are far more personal and far more interesting when you do them yourself, based on what the person who will receive them likes or enjoys doing.

For a family member, the perfect gift might be a card which has been run through your printer, to embellish it with photos of your children doing some activity during the holiday season, or a summer photo.

The fisherman will enjoy seeing your fishing trip, or a whimsical fishing photo or story on the front.

These are remarkably easy to accomplish use your printer and photos already on your computer, or by making some three dimensional crafting part of your holiday cards.

Microsoft Office site has some innovate super ideas for making your own holiday, as well as other occasion cards, and offers you clipart to make it easier.

American Greetings  too offers a create and decorate card center.

There are also some super ideas you can use of your own.
Permit the children to draw simple figures such as hearts, Christmas trees, or animal figures, or even a nativity scene. Embellish the front with glued on buttons, shaped in varying shapes, or with twigs, dried florals or even the small ceramic embellishments.

Smaller 3 dimensional items on the front of the card and an original sentiment on the inside will absolutely make people sit up and take note, particularly grandparents will be pleased and impressed with a card that the child took the time to make for them.

It will be proudly displayed and kept for years.

I personally make several hand made cards each year, cutting out the front of the card, and using it as a photo mat to hold a small cross stitched item that is a favorite thing of the card recipient.
Hand made cards are a favorite of nearly everyone, are far more personal and will be far less expensive in the long run.


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