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With all the commercials that come out around the holidays (not to mention long before that), it’s hard to figure out the right, best gift.

One thing that may help, however, is learning about gifting trends.

For example, there seem to be three items that never go out of fashion, namely candy (or cookies), flowers, and jewelry. The jewelry tends to be more of an intimate statement, while flowers and sweets can be presented to nearly anyone without misunderstandings or discomfort.
Clothing is another item that’s very popular, but don’t always think that the most recent fashion trend is the best choice. In fact, going with classics provides the gift recipient with something that lasts more than a few months (i.e. you won’t find it in spring garage sales). Designer items also aren’t always a big hit because they’re so expensive that people tend to be wary of wearing them frequently for fear of damage.
A current trend that isn’t showing signs of slowing is pampering gifts for the family pet. Everything from custom collars to books on making your own pet food seems to please and for the most part remains affordable.

Likewise, the gourmet trend has stayed strong, whether its kitchen and pantry toys to hard-to-find ingredients, all have a very high interest level with low return rates.
In the technology category we have everything from Itunes gift cards and cell phones to robotic vacuum cleaners and user friendly digital cameras. This entire category seems to say “if you can imagine it, we can make it!” In the past technological gifts have seen stronger sales for men’s presents but that’s rapidly changed.

Now, they’re gifts for the whole family and can be chosen with personal interests and tastes in mind.
Beyond this there’s some other advice that’s nearly timeless. Stick with what’s simple and makes sense.

If you know the person well, you’ll likely be paying attention to what makes them go “ooh” much more closely in the months before Christmas.

If you don’t know someone well, then move on to more “generic” items like music collections, foods (these can be shared with guests even if it turns out they don’t like the items).
Overall thoughtfulness is still the keynote to successful shopping.


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