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Christmas has become a mega billion dollar industry, commercialized, industrialized. Glamor and glitz, bright lights and television and all the trimmings beckon our children and in reality, us too, as we move through the weeks up til the holiday itself.

Parents, even those who don’t follow religious traditions, but simply want to instill real values in their children are concerned that they don’t know or don’t see the real reasons for the holiday. Christmas, having begun as a religious tradition has evolved into something more.

It is a celebration of family and friends, of love and consideration and caring, and showing our appreciation for the things we’ve been given, both material and emotional, by those people throughout the year.

Most of us choose to show our caring and our appreciation to those people who touch our lives most closely with some kind of tangible gift, but sometimes aren’t entirely certain what to offer to those people, many of whom fall into the category of the hard to buy for.

Thank heaven for the internet for those people in our lives who are on that list. One of the amazing things we’ve gained from the onset of the internet is the ability to shop in any city in any country in the world. We can buy German chocolates, and french scarves in the blink of an eye and have it shipped to those special people on our list, or purchase it for our own use as well. Truly this gives us some options we didn’t have when we need to shop for people who just don’t need anything and if they do, they can buy it.

Happy Christmas
Happy Christmas
I have some of those people on my own Christmas list. They’ve done a great deal for me, and I do want to show my appreciation for their friendship and their kindness, but to be honest, some of them have six figure incomes and I don’t.

Nearly anything I could purchase, they have already done so, and thats where the creativity and imagination and a little net surfing for that out of the way gift, or interesting little trinket comes into play.

One of those folks is my son. He’s a network engineer and on a day to day basis, he does computer security and setups and little things I don’t have time to do. He is also nearly impossible to buy for unless you find something he hasn’t already bought and we all know people like that. The ones who have every new tinker toy that life can offer. What do you buy them?

Think Geek
Think Geek
For the Geek in your life, with every new gadget, one wonderful place to shop is Think Geek who can offer you some remarkable little toys, amusing and interesting things like wi-fi detecting tee shirts, or the annoy-a-tron, things that just aren’t the common run of the mill, everyone has it gift.

I’ve also got a chef. If I could bake it for her, she has already baked it, and if I could buy it for her, shes already got it.

For her, the perfect shopping site is the The Gourmet Sleuth because you can find nearly anything there that a serious cook might like. Chances are these are neat little gadgets she won’t buy for herself but would love to have such as gourmet salts or a mortar and pestle.

For your gourmet tea loving friend, I make it a point to order early and purchase some Earl Grey, surprisingly affordable and a new tea pot, which can range in price from below 5 dollars USD. My favorite site to purchase these from is the English Tea Store, whose prices are excellent and whose goods rival those which I’ve had sent to me from England.

Collections Etc
Collections Etc
For the child or adult who loves different decorating styles, interesting gadgets and new toys, and to spend a minimal amount and get a gift that is better than good, but simply an INCREDIBLE value, head on over to Collections Etc where nothing is over 20.00 USD, which had me assuming that it was simply cheap goods.. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Having purchased from Collections one of their tables, a rustic moose table for a friend, I became a true believer. The quality of the goods is excellent and the price is just unreal. Hop on over and check it out if you need the ability to buy something truly unusual for a nominal price.

For those who love the out of the ordinary, the place to go to find it is Baron Bobs, a unique little out of the way hole on the internet that offers gags and serious gifts of an unusual variety.

The outdoorsman, or woman will appreciate a gift from L.L.Bean or Cabela’s Outdoor Gear.
They offer anything from hiking boots, to teddy bears and everything in between for the outdoor enthusiast, with prices that run very close to par with the department store which will offer far less variety.

Figi's Gifts in Good Taste
Figi's Gifts in Good Taste
And for those of us who like a special treat for the holidays, and who doesn’t, we can stop off at Figi’s – gifts in good taste which has some amazingly delicious and remarkably affordable treats to purchase for your family, friends or self. These are among the least expensive of the gourmet treat sites, providing a far better value and actually comparable, if not better, treats than the Hickory Farms type store. Another of this variety which is less known than the mainstream sites is Swiss Colony and purchase gourmet delights.

Anything you can imagine already baked, smoked or cooked to tempt the palate, from delicious international desserts, to tortes, to petit fours to smoked salmon or ham and cheese for the New Years party.

While you’re there, don’t forget to buy a few tasty morsels for your own use.

Spend some time browsing the internet and you can find nearly anything for anyone, and especially for the person on your list who has everything and you just don’t know what to buy.

While you’re out there surfing, don’t forget to pay a visit to the North Pole Village where you can permit your kiddos to send a letter to santa, play games and find a wide range of recipes for Christmas cookies.

Happy Holidays from howdididoit.com!


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