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Little fingers always want something to make for the holidays and you would like to provide them with a craft that is fun, fast and doesn’t devastate the house while they do it.

These qualify on all counts as they are easy to do, and work up rapidly into a fast Christmas craft that your little ones can use as a home made gift, or you can help the other children in your extended family to make a Christmas gift for mom or dad.

Home made gifts are fun for kids to produce and they are taught giving and sharing at the same time. Make a few of these with your own little elves this year.

Beeswax Cookie cutter Candle


– Your choice holiday cookie cutter(s)
– Sheets of beeswax (available at craft stores)
– Candle wick
– Cutting board
– Hair dryer


1. Lay single sheet of beeswax on cutting board.

2. Use cookie cutter to cut 6 shapes (or more if you want a thicker candle) from beeswax.

3. Sandwich the wick in the middle of the layers of beeswax leaving approximately 1/2 inch protruding from the top.

4. Press the wax shapes together. If shapes are not sticking together well, heat slightly with a hair dryer.

Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

Materials: Short cinnamon sticks; miniature pine cones; fresh or dried evergreens; holiday ribbon 1/2″ wide; hot glue and glue gun.

1. Bundle a few cinnamon sticks together and secure with hot glue.

2. Tie holiday ribbon around bundle and make a loop at top for hanging. Make a bow from same ribbon and glue on to front.

3. Trim with evergreens, berries miniature pine cones, etc..

Christmas Bells

What you need: 5 – 2 1/2″ red clay or plastic flower pots; Acrylic paints in white and holiday colors; Holiday stencils; 1 roll of 1/2″ wide holiday ribbon, color of choice (red, gold, silver, plaid, etc.); 1 Pkg. Christmas bells (small); scrap cardboard; Spray paint (optional) holiday color of choice.

What to do: Note: If desired, you may paint all pots (inside and out) with spray paint before beginning this project but be sure to allow to dry completely before beginning following steps.

1. Freehand paint holiday designs on pots or use stencils to paint on. Be certain that you paint designs upside down as pots will be hanging upside down when project is completed.

2. Cut cardboard rounds the size of the base of the pots. Cut a slit in the center of each cardboard round just large enough to push the ribbon through.

3. Cut strips of ribbon of different lengths so that the pots will hand at different lengths.

4. Weave one strip of ribbon through two bell loops and tie in knot about 1 1/2 to 2″ above bells depending on where you want the bells to hang at pot opening.

5. Thread the free end of the ribbon through the cardboard round. Push the cardboard circle down to the knot you made above the bells.

6. Thread the free end of ribbon through the hole in the bottom center of the flower pot and pull until cardboard round is flush with the inner bottom of the pot.

7. Arrange all the pots so that they will hang at different lengths, then tie a knot at top of all ribbon ends. Make a bow with any remaining ribbon to cover knot at top.

If desired, you can use spray glitter to cover the top (bottoms) of each bell pot

Santa Face Cinnamon Sticks

You will need:

1 6 inch long cinnamon stick
red, peach or cream, black and pink acrylic pain
small paintbrush
tiny stiff paintbrush for textured paint
“snow” textured paint

Paint Santa’s hat on a 1/2 inch space at the top of the stick, using textured paint for ball and trim. For face paint 3/4 below the hat using peach or cream paint, paint eyes black and cheeks pink. Lastly use texture paint and the stiff brush to paint eyebrows and the beard.

These make charming gift toppers, or additions to gift baskets and flower arrangements.

Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments

Two recipes, both simple, for making these neat ornaments that can also be used as package toppers. If making ahead, I would put each one in it’s own plastic bag and store in a cool dry place.

You will need:

4 ounces of ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon ground cloves
1 tablespoon ground nutmeg
3/4 cup of applesauce
2 tablespoons of white craft glue

These are not edible because of the glue. Mix together well, roll out and cut your shapes. Poke a hole at the top of each one for hanging before they dry. Put them on a wire rack for about a week and let them dry, turning them over about once a day.


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