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Ever have the dilemma of thinking what to give everybody in your list this Christmas? If you do, try giving gift baskets for everyone this coming holiday. You can turn any basket into a great gift. There are many ways to decorate a basket and you will not have a hard time thinking of ways to make your gift a special one. How Do I Do It?

Before buying any of the materials, you would need to make a list of all the people you will be giving them to. The most practical way is to list them down by the following:

  1. by age group
  2. by hobby
  3. by family
  4. by personality traits
  5. or by combination of all of the above

The materials you need would depend on how your list will come up. I suggest you have the following basic things that you will need for the gift baskets:

  1. Wicker basket / hand woven basket with handle or anything that can be use as a container (pots, crystal bowls, decorative boxes)
  2. Christmas ribbons (green, red and gold)
  3. Scissors
  4. Decorative Fillers – thin strips of papers or crumpled/shredded papers
  5. Wrapping materials – Japanese paper, tulle
  6. Decorative Elements – flowers, accessories
  7. Gift / Food Elements
  8. Double sided adhesives


  1. Stuff the bottom of the basket or container with enough filler (strips or crumpled papers) so that the gifts will be seen above the basket. Fill as much as you can without compromising the outcome of your basket)
  2. Assemble the gifts in the basket according to size. Bigger items at the back and the smaller items in front. It would be easier if you place them in a pattern where there is a front and back rather than an all around design. If you are going to put a special item, make sure that you put it in front and highlight with decorative elements.
  3. If needed, use double sided tapes to bind the gifts in place. This will be for easy transport and will keep your items from falling apart.
  4. Place some decorative filler around the gift or food elements for a more attractive design.
  5. Using your wrapping materials, draw it together above the basket and tie it with a bow or curly ribbon.

Some ideas for your Christmas gift baskets:

  1. For babies – baby bottles, rattles, diaper, towels
  2. For pet lovers – pet food, pet accessories, pet toys
  3. For Spa lovers – Massage lotions, aromatherapy oils, bath salts
  4. For the whole family – one gift each for every member of the family (necktie or wine for dad, picture frame or lotion for mom, toys for the kids)
  5. For your colleagues – spa and beauty products
  6. For kids – towels, toys, gadgets, wallets/purse, accessories
  7. For husband and wife – matching his and her robes, towels, mugs
  8. For your special someone – (guys – personalized caps, shirts, bath essentials, personalized card or letter. Girls – framed love letter, therapeutic oils, spa products, jewelry).


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