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What is more stylish as well as delicious than a trifle.

You will need a very large punch bowl to make this one. It will make a stunning serving dish and I’ll bet you don’t have many leftovers.

Christmas Trifle

1 cup granulated sugar

one half cup of cornstarch

three cups of whole milk

one cup half and half or light cream

one vanilla bean, split long ways

twelve egg yolks

two tablespoons unsalted butter

one yellow cake mix

four cups whipping cream

one half cup of powdersugar sifted

four cups strawberies cut in half

one cup gran marnier or orange liquer, or orange juice if you prefer, but only half cup.

three cups blueberries

three cups raspberries

drained and chopped maraschino cherries

semisweet chocolate cut into curls

red colored sugar.

For the pastry cream in a large saucepan stirl the cornstarch, granculated sugar and the milk and half and half as well as the vanilla bean together, and cook, still stirring over medium heat til it is thick and bubbling. Do not over cook.

Place the egg yolks in a medium bowl and stir in two cups of the hot pudding mix

return all of the yolk mix to the saucepan.

stir cooking for two minmutes more, and stir in butter. Remove the vanilla bean and discard and take from the heat.

Prepare cake mix according to the directions.

cut it into one inch cubes.

assembling the trifle

in a large bowl beat the whipping cream, and powdered sugar until it forms stiff peaks

spoon one cup into the bottom of an 8 quart bowl.

arrange strawberrries against the sides of the bowl and on top of whipped cream.

add half the cake cubes and drizzle with liquer (or orange juice if you prefer)

Spread with half the pastry cream.

top with blueberries, arranged well over the cream,

add remaining cake cubes,

drizzle again with liquid,

spread with three cups of the whipped cream

top with raspberries,

spread over with remaining pastry cream

Pipe remaining whipped topping and garnish with cherries, chocolate, curls and color sugar.

NOTE** The trifle is equally good when made wth angel food cake.


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