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The holidays are a time to break out the hand made things, such as potholders and towels that you craft yourself.

This easy quilting project could as easily be done with any holiday, supplementing the tree with an oval Easter egg shape from a printed fabric.

You will need:

2-12 inch squares of fabric of a print of your choice

1 1×2 inch rectangle of brown print fabric.

1 triangle of green or green print fabric, 5 inches long on the bottom side, 6 inches along the sides.

1 thick batting piece, 12×12

4 and 1/2 feet of double fold binding.

Take one of the 12 inch fabric squares, and applique the brown rectangle at the bottom of it, in the center using a satin stitch or the zigzag stitching on your sewing machine.

Lay the triangle on the square so the bottom edge middle lays just over the edge of the brown rectangle.

Applique in place using the same method you appliqued the tree trunk piece.

Lay the 12 inch squares together, right sides facing out. with the batting sandwiched between the two

pin the binding around the edges, half in front of the piece and half in back.

Sew around the binding to bind all the pieces together, making certain that you check every few inches to be sure that the binding has been caught by the seam both front and back. Let the binding cross where there is extra at the ending area where the two meet and stitch it closed. Use this to make the hanging loop.

Hand or machine stitch around the tree, through all three layers of the pot holder.


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