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The small clay pots that we purchase at a nominal price during summer and winter have some super little uses around the holidays. They can become some adorable crafts that the kids will have fun making and you will have fun displaying over the holidays.

These little snow men are made of a wooden bead, a clay pot and some odds and ends of fabric, as well as the elastic top of a childrens sock.

They are attractive and easy to make and would make an admirable childrens craft for the weekend when boredom sets in.

You will need.

3 inch clay pot

2 inch wooden bead

miscellaneous buttons

white acrylic paint

black acrylic paint

2 socks


glue or hot glue

small amount of fiberfill

Paint the bead and pot white with your acrylic paints.

Glue the bead to the bottom of the pot.

take the scissors and cut about a two inch length from the elastic cuff of the childs sock

trim the edges of it, so that it is ragged about 1/2 inch down and add a rubber band to form a tassel

Fill with a bit of fiberfill.

glue to the top of the wooden bead.

dot black acrylic paint to the front of the bead to form the coal features of the snowman.

cut a one inch length from the sock below the elastic.

cut the tube to form a single strand of the knit material.

fold in half and glue around the snow mans neck

glue two buttons to the front of the snow mans body (pot)

touch glue to the ends of the scarf and glue them to the pot in front and back.



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