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Children, and those young at heart, have for centuries “hung their stockings by the chimney with care hoping that St. Nick would soon be there”.

But stockings aren’t just for a fireplace mantle!

If you are one of those with a home lacking in the traditional fireplace you can find another clever and stylish place to hang your stockings.

For example, stockings tied to the back of dining room chairs create unique “place cards” that guests are sure to enjoy. Other great places to display stockings are along stair rails and even on Christmas trees!

Making a stocking isn’t all that difficult and decorating it couldn’t be easier using some of our bright ideas and a few fabric paints, or some coordinating fabric scraps or felt.

Sewing Instructions for Toy Soldier Stocking

  • Taking two pieces of material, cut them into the shape of a stocking using the pattern provided, which you will need to enlarge using a copier or printer.
  • Pin the pattern to the wrong side of two pieces of fabric, with rights sides facing each other., and two pieces of interfacing.
  • Cut out the stocking out of the fabric and interfacing leaving an inch at the top edge and at least half inch seam allowance around the outside.
  • Taking one side of the stocking, and being certain to use the correct side of the fabric, paint or stitch to decorate.
  • when completely dry if you used fabric paint, replace the fabric against its mate, again, right sides facing
  • Sew the seam, and clip the seams around the toes and heel so that the stocking lies flat and the seams lay well.
  • Turn right side out, and turn a hem into the stocking..
  • Using the freearm of your sewing machine, or stitching by hand, stitch the top hem in place.
  • Attach a hangar using a loop of yarn or of your fabric.


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