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With some planning and bargain hunting you can still find great christmas presents for less than !
With some planning and bargain hunting you can still find great christmas presents for less than !

Well its just about ninety days til the big day every kid waits for so impatiently; they’ll start counting the days before Santa’s visit all too soon!

Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the bend and if you start now, you won’t have to worry that you’ll still be finishing the wrapping on Christmas morning!

Yes, we know it’s a little early to promote Christmas already, but smart gift shoppers always plan as far ahead as possible and some of us would consider the first week of fall too late to just be getting started!

Since this was our most popular story last year, we’ve updated it a bit to demonstrate you really can buy thoughtful and memorable gifts for friends and family for LESS THAN $25. Read on and save money this holiday season!

There are so many people who are hard to buy for and others who you just don’t have a clue what they might really like. and still a few more, that you would like to give something special but you just don’t want to break the bank; Its the third category that we’re going to concern ourselves with today, and find them something pleasing that doesn’t cost the earth.

With that in mind, we’ve surfed the net, taken the virtual walk as it were, to the shops and stores Internet wide to find high quality at low pricing, and done it in time to give you time to place those orders so they will have plenty of space to arrive prior to Christmas. I personally think 20 or 25 dollars not an exorbitant price for a nice gift for someone special.

Keeping that price as our top of the line, we went hunting. First up on our Internet tour of gifts under twenty five dollars, COLLECTIONS ETC, which I personally recommend for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the quality and value. You will be literally astounded at the quality of the goods that arrive at your home and nothing in the catalog is over twenty dollars.

I ordered bar stools, an outdoor thermometer, a rustic table with an opening top, and I have at no time had a complaint about the merchandise or the cost. The turnaround time for me was about 7 days, however there are of course speedier ways to ship.

I would allow an extra day or two at the holiday season to be certain you get your packages on time, more of course if you want to send them off to another area yourself. The moose table that I purchased for under twenty dollars, is very close to the same quality as one that I paid three times that for. Among the unique and interesting gifts that you can find there for under twenty dollars? The little river fountain, ringing up at just 14.99 will offer a gardener the lovely sound of trickling water either inside or outside.

Cool pyramid light is an interesting low budget gift idea.
Cool pyramid light is an interesting low budget gift idea.

The unique Solar Acorn Light has a panel that will gather the sunlight during the day and provide light for a porch at night. It provides a lovely diffuse light that is rather an amber color and the solar panel works remarkably well, keeping the light lit most of the night if you select not to use the on off switch that is included. It sells for under ten dollars at Collections.

The site has simply thousands of items that are priced to sell at a cost for an art set for a child beginning at 10.00 and moving up to nothing on the entire site that I could find for more than 25.00 USD. For you Egyptian enthusiasts, the Pyramid votive holder; measuring over a foot tall for under ten dollars. Made entirely of metal it was a surprisingly great value for about 5 dollars USD.

For the Southwestern Decorating Fan, the Kasa Porcelain doll, ringing up at just 17.99 fills the bill. Dressed in authentic Native American styles she is about 12 inches tall and lovely enough to impress a collector or delight a child.

Kasa Porcelain doll makes a great gift for little girls who like to collect dolls.
Kasa Porcelain doll makes a great gift for little girls who like to collect dolls.

Moving away from Collections Etc, and toward a treat for the tummy, a few streets down on our Internet walk we find the tea and coffee site of The English Tea Store, who stock teas and oh so much for for those of us who love British teas, foods and want the real thing. These folks not only know tea, but they know prices.

My ceramic tea pot was just about 3.95 for a 4 cup model, and that is most certainly a price you can live with. Stocking British teas, clotted cream, lemon curd and some lovely tea pots and kettles beginning at the wonderful price of just 3.95 for a 6 cup ceramic tea pot, they are located in the United states so you have plenty of time to get your parcels before Christmas, with just a 5-7 day turnaround time on packages that I’ve ordered personally.

They stock traditional Christmas Crackers at a price just a few pennies over ten dollars, as well as McVites Christmas biscuits/cookies packaged in a tin for just 17.00 They feature anything and everything the tea lover could want, including tea chests of wood and biscuit tins as well as a porcelain tea set for the collector or the child at prices ranging from just 9.99 up to 19.99. If you’re in the market for something a bit more upscale, they do offer other fare as well, such as fine bone china teapots.

Tea sets are adored by girls of any age!
Tea sets are adored by girls of any age!
This country apple tea set rings up at just 21.00 dollars, which certainly isn’t a price that is high when the quality is considered.

A right turn down an old country lane gets us to the clothing shoppe of L.L.Bean, who provide for your warmth and comfort. While some of their goods are a good bit more, some careful browsing can net you items such as this fleece pullover, in the markdown department, of polartec, soft and oh so warm, for just 12.95.

Buy discounted clothing items online so that they can be exchanged easily if the size or color is wrong.
Buy discounted clothing items online so that they can be exchanged easily if the size or color is wrong.

The child in your life will love the rain-gear, with adorable images of turtles and priced to sell at just 19.95. L.L. Bean is known world wide for the quality of their outerwear. Finding it at sale cost makes it a terrific gift .. and this child’s rain gear is definitely worth the price.

For the more discerning recipient, we take a short jaunt up the road to the china shops of Royal Doulton, who proffer their own sale range goods from among their quality fine bone china. I recommend the tea cup and saucer sets that are sold for just 17.95, and have an image of a different flower for each month. Of the same quality as their full priced range of course, they are simply marked down to move more quickly.

The Old Country Rose, the most popular china pattern in the world today, is represented in our low cost, high quality goods by this

A porcelain vase for under 25 dollars; WOW!
A porcelain vase for under 25 dollars; WOW!
piece, a basket-weave porcelain vase, in the old country roses pattern, priced to give at just 21.50. Now that we’ve given you a few ideas, and a few places to begin, start your own virtual walk through the Internet, giving yourself plenty of time to let your gifts arrive, and see what you can find.

There are clearance sections in nearly every store Internet wide, that may not be available to you in the actual physical location and we recommend that you shop those areas and order goods that don’t lower in quality simply because the price went down.

If you find a particularly good deal that you’d like to share with our readers, please do come back and pass it along. Merry Christmas and Happy hunting!



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