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We all have some of those hard to buy for folks, but by planning ahead we can find just the right thing for the holidays.
The garden season has come to a close, but the gift giving season is just beginning to gear up. You can make the most of both, with gardening ideas tools, books and accessories currently being sold off at bargain prices becuase the season is over.

Right now is the perfect time to take advantage of those bargain prices and get a wonderful holiday gift for a gardening friend.

Stepping stones, found at Walmart, are just what a friend of mine has wanted all season. Now is the perfect time to buy those lovely items while the prices are well reduced because its end of gardening season. Those I found had some lovely dragonflies, butterflies and leaves imprinted on them and were being sold at a whopping thirty percent off of the summer season price.

If you are in the market for something custom unique in the stepping stone department, check out Garden Molds where you can either purchase the actual stones or look through molds and choose your own. The owner has created beautiful, unique stepping stone mold designs that are perfect for creating a very unique and original look in your yard or garden.

Another good idea for the gardening enthusiast is to purchase a watering can and fill it with items such as gloves, potting soil, a lovely pot or two and some herb seeds, so that they can grow an indoor garden on their windowsill which will help to brighten the home and stave off the effects of winter.

Summer has come and gone and winter is well underway in some areas, but still we are looking forward to another spring time, and a gift of gardening supplies, purchased now while they are not at their peak, will save you money and give them something that is useful, considerate and will be appreciated for months to come.


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