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The outdoorsman, or woman in our life presents a special challenge when it comes to purchasing gifts for them.

The frills and fripperies of the holidays that might do for someone else simply aren’ t at all their style, preferring, as they do, something more natural and with a touch of the outdoors, something a bit more basic and earthy.

A few ways to provide that are easy to craft and create on your own.

Take and older red and black flannel shirt or purchase a yard of flannel, along with a half yard of corduroy to make the cuffs of the stocking.

For a fisherman, you could fill your stocking with fishing tackle, and add a few flies on the outside of the stocking, while inside, a copy of a magazine, with a subscription to that magazine.

The equistrian would appreciate a copy of Horse Magazine, along with some treats for their furry friend, and perhaps a gift of a boarding kennel gift certificate when the owners are on vacation or holiday.

For the hunter in your life, binoculars are an appropriate fit, as well as perhaps a water bottle, some socks that wick the moisture away from their feet while a battery pack heats them. Cabela’s offers a great value in foot gear for hunters and hikers, as well as some other treats that they might take with them while hunting or hiking.

Another in the unusual gifts for the outdoorsman of any variety is the wonderful patented new bug repellent clothing called Buzz Off, Bug Repellent Clothing. Buzz off bug repellent clothing is a new line out that has an actual bug repellent in the fabric of the clothing. This amazing new clothing product features permethrin, which is a formula that has been man made of natural Chrysanthemum plant extracts, which will effectively repel bugs for 25 washings.

Buzz off is an intelligent non toxic way to protect the outdoors people in your life without using harmful substances. BUZZ OFF clothing costs just a small amount more than other clothing, so the price isn’t prohibitive.

Other items that will make your outdoorsperson happy at the holidays are outdoor cookery items.
A turkey deep fryer, is wildly popular this year and having had deep fried turkey I can well understand why. The model we used was propane so that it could be used under any circumstance, and we used it for french fries while camping as well as deep frying other things aside from a turkey.

They are also making electric models of the same thing now, with prices ranging anywhere from 40 dollar’s up to 150.

A camp stove, stainless steel water bottles, hiking boots and custom down clothing for the skier are other ideas you might pursue to keep the outdoorsman happy at the holidays.


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