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There was a song when I was small, an old folk song whose lyrics spoke of silver and gold, and how it meant so much more when it was atop a holiday tree.

The song is still one of my favorites and it rings true. Christmas is not the same without the ornamentation, the tiny surprised tucked into corners, music playing in the room and a wide array of little touches that mean the holiday season is here.

I personally collect nutcrackers, and have a vast array of them. Every holiday season they march across the window sills and down the side of the book shelf, with several more scattered around the house.. Teddy bears and green pine boughs are what I want to see at the holidays and every corner of our home breathes Christmas. I have a sister who is largely the same, and her home wreaks of it long before Thanksgiving.

Here are a few of our little tips for adding Christmas to every corner.

If you collect them, get them out. whether its candle holders, teddy bears or holiday ornaments display them in a holiday fashion.

Tie your curtains back with bright gold or green ribbon with the wire ends to shape them nicely.

Hang a wide array of stockings on the mantel, or a wall.

Cut snowflakes from white or silver paper and hang in the windows, or from the ceiling, with fishing line.

Tie a ribbon around a tall goblet or drinking glass. Fill it with candy canes and display on a shelf or side table.

Fill a clear small bowl with small pine cones and interweave with cordless lights, available at nearly any store for one or two dollars. Display on end table, shelf, buffet or your holiday table.

Create a cookie and candy wreath. The up some cookies in saran wrap and arrange them on a wreath form made of foam. Use straight pins to pierce the saran at the top, to hold them to the wreath. Intersperse with pieces of brightly colored hard Christmas candy which has the twisted paper ends. Pierce the paper end to hold the candy on the wreath.
Invite your guests to take a candy after a meal or when they leave.

Pile Christmas books on a side table with a small candle holder sitting atop the stack.

Wrap green garland twisted with indoor Christmas lights around a railing or banister, or failing that, across the underside of your kitchen cabinets. Secure with tape. Be sure to tape down the electrical cord.

Wrap an assortment of medium to large sized boxes with Christmas wrap. Attach ribbons and/or bows. Pile the boxes in a corner from floor to ceiling.

Arrange cut evergreen boughs on to cover the table top, and them add a few tall red candle tapers.

Cut fresh pine boughs and arrange half on either end, tie with a large red or gold bow and hang over a doorway..

Hang mistletoe absolutely everywhere.

Wrap your doors in Christmas wrapping paper and attach large bows.

Make basic sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies. Before baking, make a hole toward the top of each cookie using a straw. Bake and cool. String a ribbon through each cookie and hang them on your Christmas tree.

Buy a large clear glass plate. Paint the underside of the plate with gold craft paint. fill with several white or off-white pillar candles of varying sizes and drop a few pine cones between them on the plate. burn the candles only when they are in sight and watch the pine cones.

String popcorn, cranberries and nuts into garlands everywhere.

Using a glue gun, glue candy canes, side-by-side (standing on end with their hooks at the top) to the outside of a Terra cotta pot. Tie a red ribbon around the pot. Place a small poinsettia inside the pot or fill the pot with wrapped candy.

Make a gingerbread house. They make wonderful centerpieces or Christmas decorations for any table top.

Tie five or six cinnamon sticks into a bundle using red ribbon, tuck bundles into nooks and crannies on shelves and table. They add a fresh lovely scent to your room.

Pull out your old toy trains. Run the track around the perimeter of the Christmas tree.

Display colored glass ball ornaments or even beads in bowls instead of hanging them on your tree, interspersed with cordless lights.

Line the inside of a chest or box painted black with fiber fill to create the illusion of snow. Drape strings of beads and white indoor Christmas lights over the chest. Fill the chest with wrapped presents or wrapped empty boxes. Sprinkle with gold-wrapped chocolate coins.

Create personalized gingerbread men as place cards for your dining table.

Trim door frames, window frames and the edges of mirrors with Christmas garland (secure with tape).

Purchase small bells from your craft store. Tie each bell to a piece of ribbon between 6″ and 18″ in length. Gather all of the ribbons together and knot together at the top. Drape the bells over a door knob so that they ring when someone enters or exits.

Line a large bowl or basket with Christmas greenery (artificial or real), fill the bowl wit oranges, apples. Add a large red bow.


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