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These centerpieces are something unique and different for your mantel or table for a holiday get together. Perfect for a side board or buffet,  for your Christmas day dinner they will be a beautiful focal point for your table this holiday season.

Easy and cheap to make, they look like a milllion dollars, and will cost you just about 7 dollars even with purchased trims .

What You Will Need:

Small gift boxes, ranging in size from 3 by 3 up to 5 by5 depending on how large you want the centerpiece.

You will need about 20 all told.

3 or 4 different gift wraps that look good together.

Double face tape or scotch brand invisible tapes.

piece of cardboard about 2 by 2, covered with gift wrap.

ribbons and trims (ornaments, natural elements such as pinecones or pine branches, etc.)
hot glue gun, glue sticks

Your Directions

1. Test run stacking the boxes to see how many you’re going to need and how well they will fit.

2. Wrap everything up, doing the boxes in two or three gift wraps that look good together..

3. Heat the glue gun and hot glue the bottom boxes to the cardboard base, working in a circle, attaching six boxes for the bottom circle.

4. For the second row, use five  ( gluing each one in place).

5. Use four  for the third layer and three for the fourth layer and so on until you get to one, in the center at the top of the stack.

6. Center the last  box on top and glue.

8. Make a large bow for the top of the centerpiece, leaving long tails to drape down over the arrangement.

9. fill bare places with pine, holly berries, small bows,  ornaments or what have you.


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