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The holiday season inevitably brings a party of one variety or another, and sometimes you are the unwitting host to a drop by party.
Make sure that you have some sort of mixers available as well as a supply of things to mix them with.
The hard part is knowing exactly what should be served in what type glass .
Wine, of course isn’t at all difficult, but the rest of them, from sours to champagne just aren’t all that easy to find the correct serving item to make it special as well as done correctly.

Don’t be a slave to it, of course, but use what you have without breaking the bank. Still, the well stocked bar will have a few of each of these types, even if they aren’t crystal.

Short-stemmed oval glass

Ideal for whisky sours and other sweet style drinks, these hold about four ounces of the mixture.

Champagne Flute

Don’t embarrass yourself by serving champagne in a margarita glass or a plastic flute. This one at the very least deserves to be served correctly. Flutes will hold from four to six ounces of champagne.

Shot glass

A short stout glass fashioned to hold one serving of a single spirit. Can also be used as a jigger or measuring device.

Pony or Pousse Cafe Glasses
shaped like champagne glasses, only smaller they hold only about one ounce of the drink.

Parfait glass
tulip-shaped goblets for frozen goodies, they can also be shaped like a tall version of the wine glass, or even tube like shaped on a pedestal. Some of the drinks they traditionally hold are ice cream ones, tall iced drinks like strawberry daquiris etc and hold about 12 ounces.

Cocktail Glass
cocktail glasses hold just what they say.. cocktails.. Each time you serve a cocktail the glass should be cleaned, chillled and returned fresh with the next drink.

Old fashioned glasses are small tumbler like glasses that are used to serve on the rocks, the other name for the glass is a rocks glass.

Highball glass
taller glasses for mixed highballs, Sloe gin fizz and other drinks of the same variety.
Capacity 8-10oz.

Margarita glass
saucer-shaped cocktail glass, used to serve, you guessed it, Margaritas, these are available in a variety of sizes.

Punch cup
used for serving your holiday punches from the bowl.


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