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You know the old saying. You can please some of the people some of the time. At the holidays, is that really good enough for you? Don’t we want to assure that everyone who is seated at our holiday table has something that they like to sit down to?

Particularly when it comes to food and drink, we’d like to impress our friends and make them feel welcome.
Witht that in mind, here are a few choices in wines that will tempt the palate of any guest and a word of advice:

Always present three wines at table, or an evening gathering to assure that those who prefer a tart over a sweet wine, or vice versa, have something to select from.

Your holiday tables will afford some very diverse flavors from cranberry sauce to white meat turkey to salads with nuts to strong rich desserts. You do want something that everyone will feel is able to be paired with what they are eating.

While I am not a connesieur of good wines, I do however know what I like, so I tend to purchase that, and to steer clear of the wine critics who’ve told me that if it doesn’t cost a hundred dollars a bottle its not appropriate.

White Wines:

Riesling – a very fruity taste that everyone who loves a sweet wine will adore, it is fine to use as an appetiser as well as a dessert wine, being sweeter in nature.

Pinot Blanc – a very oten used wine that is able to be used in very diverse situations and menus, it has a tendency toward dryness and would be wonderful with your Thanksgiving dinner.

Sparkling wines – Always appropriate these are perfect with dinner or prior to it.

Red Wines:

Pinot Noir – is, as far as I’m concerned one of the best choices you can make for Thanksgiving wine,as it goes with anything at all, and is remarkably easy on the budget.

Zinfandel – the only really American wine grape is the source of this super rich wine that will accomodate any taste and can handle the strong foods it is stacked up against.

Beaujolais Nouveau – This is not a particular favorite of mine, but it is of my sister, who loves the fruity tastes and fuller bodied wines.

To learn more about wine than you can from me, visit one of the many popular vineyard sites or take a look at these articles from knowledgable drinkers and merchants. Lambrusco and The Italian Wine Merchant.


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