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What is is your child asking for this Christmas? Between October 25th 2007 and Novermber 5 2007, nearly two MILLION toys have been recalled by toy makers and retailers nation wide.

Affected toys which have been recalled just in the past 67 months alone account for several million more.. they are from nearly every store and several places which are not stores, among them, Gordy Toys, Toys R Us, Simply Fun, Fisher Price, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Duncan Donuts, J.C. Penney, Mattel, Tri-Star, Target and Walmart.
It seems no one is safe from the unsafe. There are literally thousands of trendy toys out there that your kids want, and you want to give them what they’d like this holiday season, but unfortunately, not all of the toys they might like, are safe.

The smart parent is going to read the fine print, and make sure that this toy is suitable for you childs age and motor skills and tht is has no other hazard in store for them.

Every year, over 150, 000 children in the US alone are treated for injuries they sustain while playing with toys that are supposed to give them pleasure.

Among the most common toy related injury is choking, which can of course cause a fatality. Children of ages two and three are prone to tasting everything because taste is how they function. Avoid purchasing anything with parts that may come off and cause a choking hazard.

Nearly all children will pull push and twist at their toys, so a toy that can break into smaller pieces, causing cuts, or choking is also something that should be passed by.

Test your toys using your own version of the push and pull game and any toy that is not sturdily made should be left at the store. Steer clear of games that have marbles, balls or anthing that is smaller than about 2 inches in diameter, particularly in homes with smaller toddlers.

Most upscale toy and department stores will have a choke tube to help you tell when an item could pose a hazard in your home.

Pull toys with long cords or remote control cars which are not cordless are also a hazard in the hands of younger children due to the risk of strangulation.

Non toxic art and craft supplies are an absolute must, particularly if your child will be crafting at any point on his or her own accord.

Try to avoid sharp points or edges, particularly on childrens furniture.

Last, but most assuredly not least, don’t buy toys for your children that are intended for a much older audience, regardless of how intelligent your child is.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has offered a guideline for age appropriate toys.

* Newborns to age one: crib gyms, floor activity centers, activity quilts, squeaky toys, soft dolls or stuffed animals.
* Ages one to three: soft blocks, large blocks, push and pull toys, books, pounding and shaping toys.
* Ages three to five: nontoxic art supplies, pretend toys (i.e. play money, telephone), teddy bears or dolls, outdoor toys (i.e. tricycle and helmet).
* Ages five to nine: arts and crafts kits, puppets, jump ropes, action figures, miniature dolls.
* Ages nine to 14: handheld electronic games, board games, sports equipment with protective gear, model kits, musical instruments.

In addition, if you are concerned with the toy recalls, as every parent and grandparent should be, stay in the know about them by checking weekly, both during AND after the holiday season to make sure that if a toy your child owns is on the list it can be removed promptly.



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