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Sparkling holiday lights and Christmas trees are as much a part of the celebration of Christmas as the foods, family and faith. Will your holiday lighting put a real dampener on your Christmas spirit this year?

Do you know that your holiday lights can create as much global warming pollution as about 25,000 cars, according to research done at UCS.

Most of the electricity that is used to make your holiday lights glitter is brought to you by coal and much of it is sadly, wasted because the smaller incandescent bulbs that your miniature lights use, is gone with the wind, as they are have just about a ten percent efficiency rating.

There are many ways that you can decorate without the use of electric, however if you, like me, enjoy the lights and the traditions that your lights evoke, then switching the kind of lights we use will be a good idea for us.

By switching out your lights, even one or two strands per year, to the newer LED lights being made for the holidays, you will save money and protect the environment around you.

LED lights, says the Union of Concerned Scientists, use a semiconductor technology to make electricity into direct light, saving energy and using about a tenth of that that is used by incandescent bulbs.

There are also some additional benefits of LED lights.
among them:
They are cool to the touch and stay that way, making them a far less hazardous type lighting insofar as creating a fire hazard or a burn hazard to children.

They are exceedingly long life bulbs and far more durable

While they cost about two times as much as regular Christmas lights, they pay for themselves the first year,
The cost is a dramatic reduction and UCS says “it costs only 32 cents to use 300 LED lights for five hours per day for 45 days. In comparison, using incandescent mini lights or C-7 lights for the same amount of time would cost $3.36 and $52.25, respectively.”

If you are interested in LED lights, they can be purchased online for13.00$ -26.99$ at Holiday LED’s. You can visit the World’s Tallest Lighted Living Christmas Tree – Over 150 Feet tall, which is located at Blue River Oregon, completely lit with LED lights at its online site.


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