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Boxing day, a traditional celebration that dates back to the middle ages, was begun as a holiday for the working class.
Specifically it was the practice of giving gifts to the employees or the poor, or just to people in a lower social class.
There are many who say that it began in feudal times, when the Christmas, or religious holiday must be attended by all the servants because the upper class had many guests during this season.

Nearly all the serfs would gather then, with their extended families to celebrate the New Year, or the days AFTER the holiday when they ddn’t have quite so much work to do.

The gathering made it easier for the lord and lady of the manor to hand out the annual stipends that they gave t the serfs, such as a suit of clothing, shoes and things the Lord was obligated to provide for the families.
Many of them also took what was left from their own celebration, often times sweetmeats, nuts, even sometimes fruit or cakes and boxed it up and passed this out also to the estate servants, who lived and tilled his lands.

” As servants were kept away from their own families to work on a traditional religious holiday and were not able to celebrate Christmas Dinner, the customary benefit was to “box” up the leftover food from Christmas Day and send it away with the servants and their families. (Similarly, as the servants had the 26th off, the owners of the manor may have had to serve themselves pre-prepared, boxed food for that one day.) Hence the “boxing” of food became “Boxing Day”.”

This is one of many explanations of how the term, Boxing day came into being.
Today, it remains a holiday celebrated in Britain, Canada, Australia and several others, but is not traditional in the United states.
THe holiday celebrations in those area which do celebrate it, remain simple, family get togethers, late celebrations, meals and sports, or television are the primary sources of entertainment today.


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